Swedish Rag Rugs Recycled Into Unique Tables

I don’t know if you are familiar with rag rugs. In our place, it is very common. We usually get that from the market in a very cheap price and it is very useful for the home. Rag rugs are also part of culture since these are made for many years now. It has been the way of living of many women up to this date. These can be seen in many countries especially in Asia. But if you think rag rugs are merely used to clean floors or clean dirty shoes, you are wrong. It can be used in a different manner too.

A Swedish designer named Lars Hofsjö reinterpreted rag rugs by making tables out of them. He called the tables Torp and Dunker. The rag rugs he used were bought from antique shops where he carefully chose the ones with the right feeling, quality and color. He looked for rugs based on their thinness and tightness because he will wrap aluminum shapes on the plush side of the tables. The rectangular tables were called Torp while the hexagonal ones were called Dunker.

Rag rugs are made from worn-out clothes, curtains, sheets and upholstery. Then it was turned into a table in three different sizes.

Torp and Dunker table Since the middle part is hollow, it can be a storage for magazines and books.

Rugs Table We all know that each rag rug is unique because of the materials used and the manner of weaving.

Swedish Rag The location is a spectacular beauty and it was all worth it to spend time in analyzing the site because of this panoramic view.

Rugs Swedish The edges of the table is cut by a razor blade for a fine look.

Swedish Rag recycled Seen here is the Dunker table wherein hexagons are wrapped in recycled rag rugs.

Swedish Rug recycled The hexagons have different textures just like this one with marble that contrasts the plush nature of the textile.

rags design Materials like leather and wood are incorporated in the tables.

Rag Rugs Table Each table has a number and a signature under it. A mark that each one is made with love and that each one is unique.

Each table is completely unique in their quality, palette and characteristics. What makes these tables amazing is the thought that they are made from rag rugs. The rag rugs has roots deep within the cultural tradition for over 150 years now. The hand-woven rugs are made from leftover fabrics that is made firmer and more durable with the use of softer clothes strips. It is indeed amazing that Stockholm designer Lars Hofsjö was able to come up with this idea. It sure is an interesting item especially when used for the home. Who would think that a rag rug can actually be recycled into a table?