Artistic Rough and Ready Furniture of Wool Felt and Ropes

Sometimes, some home items are designed using unique materials and come up with a look that we may have never seen before. This is true to home decors and furniture especially that each home owner want something distinct for their own space. There sure is a wide range of designs available in the market and we can definitely choose one that will look perfect for our homes.

Today, we will show you a furniture design that is indeed very unique. The Rough and Ready is actually an experimental furniture collection that offers a high-quality dose of inspiration and innovation. Most of us are used to the clean finished look. Thus, this collection will give you a different appeal with an unfinished look using a fun combination of colors. The furniture are made from tailored cured sheets of different densities wool felt that are assembled together using a rope.

At first glance, anyone would be intrigued with the look of these seating. You might even wonder if you could actually sit on it.

Rough and Ready This is a chair from the collection with a backseat and armchair. Who would think that wool felt can be made into this one?

artistic furniture Rolling the sheets in this manner make it sturdy and add some interesting visual appeal to it too.

industrial design A pretty pair that would add an industrial look to your home. I like the way it is painted!

stool design A stool design that actually looks like a paint bucket to me.

Painting wool Painting wool this way add more artistic flare into it. Just random strokes of the brush is pretty amazing!

chair furniture I know the backdrop is nice but yes, the chair is beautiful too especially with the different colors in it.

folded wool A closer look at the folded part of the wool felt. Note the very creative way of painting it.

Rough and Ready I admire the designer’s idea of giving this piece a different aesthetic while still sticking to a perception of beauty.

Other than the materials used, the fun and artistic design of this furniture collection by London based furniture designer Vanja Bazdulj is what makes it stand out. From the name itself, it may look rough but it sure is ready to use. The furniture can also be created in different scales and colors. Using the rope, it would be easier to change its look. This item is like a DIY thing and yes, it looks pretty unique!