15 Bedroom Wardrobe Cabinets of Different Colors

Wardrobe cabinets are essential for a bedroom. This helps to keep your belongings and your clothes. You can also avoid clutter if you have one in your bedroom. We have showcased to you wardrobe cabinets in white. This is the most common color for wardrobe cabinets. But there are also wardrobes that use different colors.

For today, we will show you some bedrooms that make use of colored wardrobe cabinets. You can observe that it can enhance the look of a bedroom other than playing its function as a storage space. Check out this collection of 15 colored wardrobe cabinets in red, blue, green, and other colors.

Red Glass Sliding Wardrobe

Bedroom Wardrobe Cabinets


Red is a strong color. It surely added visual impact to this bedroom.


refined wood

Misura Emme

Line has refined wood that creates a solid look for the colors used on it.

Monopoli Z039

Melamine green

Zalf Furniture

Melamine green eden for this wardrobe’s finish adds a fresh look to the bedroom.

Kid Room

kids Cabinets


Yellow and blue are the colors of this bedroom for a little blue. It used yellow for the wardrobe adding light to the area.

Bed in White Elm

orange and yellow A twin uses this bedroom, and so there are two colors used here. The combination of orange and yellow is indeed dashing.

Free Cab Z037

melamine blue wardrobe

Zalf Furniture

A melamine blue wardrobe could be a good choice for your bedroom. It looks cool and simple especially with its chrome handles.

Teen Bedroom

Wardrobe design

Asaf Baxsiyev

A teen bedroom with red, white and blue colors. Its wall mural of a flag looks unique and strong. It even adapted the colors for its wardrobe.

Armadio in Bianco

Bedroom Wardrobe Cabinets


Provide your kid a bedroom like this which is not just beautiful but are also equipped with enough storage spaces for his stuff just like the sliding wardrobe.

Pink Glass & White Glass

chic bedroom furnitures


A chic bedroom deserves a chic wardrobe in pink and white combinations.

FC 12 Bedroom

boys bedroom cabinet A boy’s bedroom with blue and yellow combination can pacify the strong message the design wants to convey.

Cabinet in Walnut and Lilac Soul

lilac furniture


Love lilac? Well, if you see this bedroom, you will fall in love with it even more.

Barbie Joy Sweet

Barbie inspired bedroom

Doimo City Line

Is your little girl or your teen a Barbie fan? This Barbie inspired bedroom with a pink wardrobe could be a perfect choice.

Trend 19

simple design bedroom


We would agree that this bedroom has a simple design but the colors of its wardrobe and hanging cabinets made all the difference.

Children’s Bedroom Green

bedroom with storages

Lily Shcherbakov

You can observe the well arranges bedroom with storages spaces for every item the owner needs. Even a study area is connected to the wall system.

Oak & Red Floral Glass

Bedroom Wardrobe Cabinets


Oak wood is a good choice for furniture but if you add some texture and color to pair with it, it will look even lovelier. This contemporary space with a classic twist is enhanced with the addition of red floral glass for the wardrobe.

Wardrobes with colored doors look lovely. They could certainly add appeal to a bedroom and can also be designed in a manner that it can match a bedroom’s style. Imagine the above bedrooms without the wardrobe cabinets. They would look dull and empty. Aside from colors, textures also work well for wardrobes like wooden or glass finishes.