Fiss Family: Modern Wooden Tables with Burst of Color

Tables are one of the most useful furniture for the house and even for commercial use. There are varying table sizes, shapes and styles depending on where it will be used. We have featured many table designs here on Home Design Lover. It ranged from coffee tables to dining tables and yes, even side tables too. But today, we are going to show you a furniture collection comprised of tables.

In truth, when I first saw this, I actually thought these were stools but when I read the description, I learned that these are actually tables. The Fiss Family is comprised of four wood tables wherein each one has a pop of color from blue, yellow, green and orange. What is lovely here is the contrast of wood and the bright colors as well as the light with a downward glow.

The tables have a simple but beautiful form and the vary in sizes too.

Fiss Family There is a tall table that can be used for a corner and would look great with a jar on top of it. It has a blue paint and a blue wire.

Modern Wooden Tables This rectangular tabel with green paint and wire could be good as a dining or working table.

colorful design This orange table is smaller than the previous one and looks equally beautiful.

yellow side table A small yellow side table could help you save space as it also give some light.

table design These are the four tables that comprised the Fiss Family. Looks like these were just fresh from the shop!

Fiss Family A closer look at the legs of the tables showing a lovely contrast between wood and paint.

Portuguese designer Rui Alves designed these tables. I know you are familiar with that name because it isn’t the first time that we featured something from him. What I love about these tables is that they function both as a table and a lighting. What can you say about the Fiss Family?