12 Fun and Creative Children’s Chair Designs

Kids love it when they are given the chance to have things of their own. They feel like they are “old” enough to be trusted and that they have something to be proud of. Giving kid’s thier own stuff can also be a good manner of training them into responsible people and could also greatly aid in teaching them new things and developing creativity. Aside from toys or books, you can also try giving them their own furniture like a chair. They can use it in whatever they are doing and they will be totally pleased about it.

There are so many children’s chair designs that you can choose from. You can also choose the kind of material being used. Look into what your kid needs and how he or she will be using it. Then consider their taste when it comes to color, shape or even a favorite cartoon character. So, today, let us take a look at a showcase of different kid’s chair designs. This might inspire you to get one for your kids or give you the idea on what would suit your kid.

Girl’s Anywhere Chair Collection

Children Chair Designs

Pottery Barn Kids

With these lovely fabric chairs, your child will surely know that it is theirs because each one can have a monogram of their names.

Black Red BoomPod Game Chair

interactive Chair


Your kid would surely love this chair. Except for being comfortable, it can also allow them to connect an MP3 player, video game system or even a TV. It has a pair of two-way speakers for the kids to enjoy their fave hobby while on it.

Character Ottoman

colorful ottomans


Let your kid choose the character they want from these colorful ottomans.

Puzzle Chair


Offi Kids

This puzzle chair can be assembled many times using its four parts. It is designed by New York Architect, David Jones using safety plastic in primary colors and educational shapes.

Tiny Tiaras



Cute tiara chairs for your pretty little princess would certainly make her day.

96-Inch Round Vinyl Bean Bag Football

Children Chair Designs


Designed for kids over 6 years old, this bean bag designed into a football can make a smooth and supple seating with its virgin polystyrene beads.

Firefighter Toy Box Bench

bench designs

Levels of Discovery

One of the many bench designs from Levels of Discovery wherein each one has different design themes. It can really help the children to develop their imagination and creativity.

Nod Burger Sofa

Burger Sofa

Land of Nod

Nod chairs are indeed creative like this yummy looking burger sofa.

Round Upholstered Desk Task Chair

kids office Chair

Pottery Barn Kids

This would make your kids feel like working in a real office.

Little Prince and Princess Potty Chair

royal design Chair

Childrens Funky Furniture

Let your kids feel royalty with these throne like wooden chairs of lovely colors. It is also a potty chair for potty training.

Eero Aarnio Style Kids Ball Chair in Red



This retro lounge chair resembling a space-age pod with fabric lined inner shell that offers a sense of privacy and retreat as one relax into the plush cushions. Its exterior is a molded fiberglass shell and matching fiberglass base with an integrated swivel mechanism.

Silly Soft Seating

Children Chair Designs


A smart combination of stuffed toy and modular toddler seating where kids can safely climb on it, sit on it or drool on it.

Kids would love chairs like the ones you see above. It will not just paint huge smiles on their faces but it can also aid in better learning and more progress for them. For sure, even parents like to see these cute chairs in their homes. Choose a chair design that suits to your kid’s wants and interest. For sure, they will be very grateful. You can also take a look at our tips in designing kid’s bedroom and kid’s bathroom.