20 Sophisticated Black Leather Living Room Furniture

Leather furniture is quite expensive; especially when you want the real deal. In today’s furniture world, we see tons of designs imitated from somewhere else and they sell it cheap for people to choose it over the original, legit one. But, of course, if you want to maximize what you want to pay for something, you might as well pick an original.

Below is a series of black leather furniture that we want to share with you guys. They hail from different manufacturers and designers that we are sure you are quite familiar with if you have been following Home Design Lover and the lists that we have of furniture and some home products. Take a look below and tell what you think!

1. Black Top Grain Leather Sectional Sofa

Black Leather furniture

VIG Furniture

From the name itself, this sofa is made from top grain leather; something I guess anyone would want for their leather furniture right?

2. Lincoln Park Sofa

black sofa


This leather furniture from Serta sure looks pretty fine for one small sofa, right?

3. Cantrell Double Reclining Loveseat in Black Leather

reclining black leather seat


When you see this chair, you’d say “it is okay,” but when you look closer to it, you know that it will look good in your living room and that it actually looks really comfortable!

4. Cube Le Corbusier Black Leather Sofa

Black Leather Sofa

Fine Mod Imports

Le Corbusier armchairs and sofas are actually showcase clean lines, is contemporary and rather simple, but it sure is quite functional and straight up comfy!

5. Denmark Sofa

Denmark Sofa

Lifestyle Solutions

We see here a clean cut contemporary-modern sofa that looks fun with all the lines and the texture it has.

6. Diplomat Modern Black Leather Sofa

Living Room Furniture

Baxton Studio

This is one leather sofa design that is quite common, but Baxton Studio made sure that it will look great anywhere you put it – even in your patio!

7. Divani Casa Polaris Mini Sofa

black leather furnitures

VIG Furniture

Pretty much modular in design but this is one design that is for keeps. Multi-purpose and will seat quite a few people especially when you have relatives or friends who visit often.

8. Faux Soft Leather Sofa

soft leather sofa

Adarn Inc.

This is one casual leather sofa you can use in your living room at home or even in an office space.

9. Fruitvale Convertible Sofa

black convertible sofa


Having a friend over and you do not have a spare bedroom, then this is the way to go, a convertible sofa to accommodate that walk-in visitor!

10. Full Leather Bonded Loveseat

black loveseat

Global Furniture

This is one loveseat that I don’t actually mind having at home – I mean, it is somehow bulky but it sure looks comfy!

11. Harrison Modern Loft Sofa

Black loft


The design of this sofa seems old for some else’s taste, but it sure is a classic beauty – pure sophistication.

12. Hercules Majesty Series Black Leather Sofa

black leather sofa set

Flash Furniture

Take my money Flash Furniture and send me this hunk of a leather sofa!

13. Loveseat Natalie Black


Global Furniture

I do not mind having to sleep in this lovely loveseat!

14. Myst Sofa



Myst sofa sure has that cool mystical look to it, don’t you think?

15. Natalie Loveseat with Headrest with Function

loveseat design

black living room furnitures

Industrial Home

This is the first time ever that I got to hear a name like Nolita, but I sure am glad I did because this sofa is just stunning!

17. Oregon I Black Italian Leather Sectional Sofa

italian leather

J&M Furniture

There are a couple of variations of this wonderful sectional and this one might be the coolest since it was named “the first.”

18. Picasso Sofa

Picasso Sofa


This Picasso sofa sure looks simple and straightforward – the lines, the material and the look sure seems simple and on point.

19. Sven Sofa

Sven Sofa

Euro Style

I am not sure, but I think there is one character in the movie Frozen called Sven. Sven sure is modest.

20. Vegas Rainbow Black Convertible Sofa

Vegas Rainbow


I cannot quite pinpoint how this sofa was named Vegas Rainbow but I think it looks like a car seat or something.

Thank you guys for checking out the 20 Sophisticated Black Leather Living Room Furniture that we just presented. This is similar to the 20 Modern Leather Living Room Furniture, only that this list is pretty much contemporary than this other one. They both look fancy and actually some of them are quite expensive, but definitely worth it. Glad that I was able to share this with you guys!