15 Ways to Decorate Your Mantles This Valentine’s Day

This is the time of the year where promenades are at hand, dates are being searched for to be able to sort of fit in during valentine’s day! For us here in Home Design Lover, this season like most of them, are made for love, fun and all the good stuff! Today, we will be starting off the week with pretty mantle designs that can match up the mood of this awaited day!

We have collated 15 designs of how some of our designer friends decorate their mantles using simple materials and design, and even recycling materials they have regularly at home, or things that might just match the theme they envisioned to achieve! Here are the designs and judge for yourself as to which is one is your fave and tell us about it!

Beautiful Books

mantle decorations

Craft Berry Bush

The little books on the mantle is sure is cute. The word L-O-V-E is spelled on each one. The lovely frames, flowers and vases are additional cute things.

Conversation Heart Tree

Heart mantle design

Amanda Jane Brown

This crafty mantle set up is all pink and hearty! The tree is interesting since you can pick one and be able read some cute message in it. The marshmallows in the vase look too yummy too!

DIY Valentine’s Day Mantle

valentine mantle decor

Spoonful of Imagination

Isn’t this mantle interesting? Almost every piece of item in this one is handmade by the designer – except of course the vases and lamps on the sides! But heart garlands and the heart paper mache that is sort of framed on the background maybe the faves on this project!

My Valentine Mantle

Valentine mantle design

A Diamond in the Stuff

Don’t you like the artsy center piece? It’s made from the pages of a musical book. It’s easy to make and re-create. Adding a piece of a frame in the side is charming!

Post Valentine Subway

Post Val

My Computer Is My Canvas

From the name of this mantle itself, it tells a lot – and definitely shows it too! All the cute flowers, candles, cards, pretty pink items! So girly right?

Simple and Clean

Simple Clean

The Craft Sparrow

Simple colors were chosen in this mini mantle project. Hearts that hang, the word LOVE in a cute zigzag patterned background – cute stuff!

Sweet Love

Sweet Love

Remodel and Ola Casa

All white wall and mantle with red trimmings in the side, sure looks stunningly beautiful. Seems like its winter on Valentine’s Day!

Valentine Banner

Valentine Banner

Craftaholics Anonymous

This simple arrangement shows us ordinary looking red banner but is actually the highlight of the mantle because of the white color around it.

Valentine Mantle

Star Shine

Star Shine Chic

Doesn’t this arrangement look vintage with the browns and wood! The word LOVE cut-out is simple but really pretty.

Valentine’s Day Mantle

V Words

Hoosier Homemade

Sometimes, putting a mini chalk board as a decor is charming especially when you know that what was written in it makes sense and works it – in fairness to this one, it worked out! Adding trinkets here and there did the trick too!

Valentine’s Mantle with Martha Stewart

Night Owl

A Night Owl Blog

This one is like a double decker burger! Definitely a small area for decorating, but absolutely cutesy! The DIY’s here were followed by the designer while watching Martha Stewart!

Valentine’s Mantle and Felt Heart Garland

Felt Heart

The Inspired Room

A pretty simple arrangement wherein stuff from at home was mixed up with the X and O and the felt heart garland which was made by the designer – pretty simple DIY project to lighten up February!

Valentine’s Mantle

The Stories


Seeing this mantle makes us imagine an altar of some sort. All these candles and feathery stuff seems to be voodoo stuff but in a very girly and good way of course. The sign that say DREAM makes us do that – don’t you think so?

Vibrant Love

Vibrant Love

Better Homes and Gardens

Using of vibrant colors in this piece of arrangement makes this one look really playful and really fun. The message on the banner says a lot too!.

Vintage Love

Vintage Love

Who doesn’t love vintage in this point in time? This type of design is ladies’ favorite because it showcases all the good stuff during the times we may not have been born! This piece looks so regal, simple yet eye-catching!

Wow! Just wow! Those designs sure were stunning and will surely be an envy for others when they see that you actually dolled up your mantles for this occasion that happens every 14th of February! We sure hope that you had fun with the designs we have shown and we hope you got inspired with them too! Go and decorate your mantles and tell us about them too!