The Stalaclights Collection: Upside-Down Skyscrapers Lighting with 3D Printed Bulbs

I had seen many items that were a result of 3D printing. You can even create vases and other stuffs from it. In truth, I am impressed of this new technology but because of its output, we can tell that this machine is very expensive. I have read some articles about 3D printing and what the designs they were able to come up because of this technology. One impressive result of this is the Stalaclight Collection

These 3D printed bulbs resemble the look of skyscrapers. But since these are lightings, they are turned upside-down thus appearing like stalactites. That is why they are called Stalaclights. The design is a tribute to the Art Deco area wherein the first skyscrapers appeared. Inside these 3D printed materials are LED lights to illuminate a space. Designer David Grass said that “since LED light hardly emits any heat, it is now possible to connect a light shade to the bulb itself”. Let us take a look at the lightings below:

When grouped together, they really look like stalactites from caves.

lighting But each one of them has a unique design showing a tall building turned upside-down.

Stalaclight Collection You can see that if you turn this up, a picture of a skyscraper will come to your mind.

Upside-Down Skyscrapers An LED lighting is used which cannot burn these intricate 3D bulbs.

Skyscrapers Lighting Look at those windows that comprise the skyscraper. Amazing details, right?

3D Printed Bulbs It is even more amazing that each one has a different design.

Stalaclight Collection These buildings were inspired from the first skyscrapers from New York and Chicago.

The lights seem to mimic the design of stalactites that grew from a ceiling of a limestone cave. You can observe that it is pointy at the bottom just like stalactites. The design is a brain child of David Graas showing us varying buildings as bulbs. Interesting, right? What can you say about this lighting?