15 Well-Made Stained Glass Window Panels

Art glass is a form of art where glasses are worked into a form that is considered artistic. It is usually used for decoration purposes. Techniques for art glass commonly include stained glass windows. Stained glass windows are painted with different colors or painted with different scenery, objects, animals and the likes to capture people’s attention and are cut into shapes. Normally, we only see art glass windows in churches, but as years go by, this type of art became popular and many used it as decorations in their houses.

Today, we will feature different product designs of art glass window that can surely add to the liveliness of your house. You will observe that the designs vary from nature-inspired to modern themed window panels. Just scroll down and see for yourself.

Tiffany Recreation Carousel Horse Stained Glass Window

Stained Glass Window Panels

Meyda Tiffany

With the combination of bright colors of blue, red, green and orange, this simple yet elegant art glass window of a horse can brighten up the room.

Tiffany Style Victorian

tiffany style


The abstract art in the middle and its colors complement the roses surrounding it. An art reminiscent of glass windows in churches.

Art Glass Windows

Art Glass Windows Contemporary

Home Decorators

This glass window may decorate a small area but it will surely bring a peaceful air into the room.

Stained Glass Window

stained glass

Stained Glass Group

A simple art depicting a simple event in nature.

Peacock’s Paradise Stained Glass Window

peacocks paradise

Design Toscano

This peacock design art glass window can fully cast a sparkling array of colors and light into your room.

Monarch Butterflies Glass Window Panel

reproduction art glass

Stained Glass Windows

Let these butterflies flutter right in your windows and allow the beauty of nature to serve as a home decor.

Geometric Star Stained Glass

Geometric Star Stained Glass Window

Stained Glass Windows

This geometric star stained glass window enhances the overall warm ambience of the home.

“AVALON” Tiffany-glass Victorian Window Panel



The abstract art yet exuberant and opulent style of this window truly illustrates a Victorian art.

Design Toscano Dragonfly Floral

Stained Glass Window Panels

Design Toscano

This Victorian style window with rings of lilies, dragonflies and sparkling irises is hand-cut with precision to create a beautiful glass window.

Carina Tiffany-style Victorian


Carina Tiffany-style Victorian art glass windows make a colorful addition to your home.

Quigley Window Panel

Quigley Window Panel

Dale Tiffany

If you want another shape for your window, try this oval-shaped stained glass windows by Dale Tiffany!

Rainbow Trout Fish Stained Glass Window

Rainbow Trout Fish Stained

A simple yet elegant ocean themed design of a stained glass window featuring a fish.

Victorian Tiffany Floral Tiffany Magnolia and Iris Stained Glass Window

Victorian Tiffany Floral

Get the touch of nature with this stained glass window of trees, mountains and flowers.

Fruits of life “OLEA” Tiffany-style Window Panel

fruit of life

These vibrant colors will sure brighten anyone’s homes!

Lady Astor Demi Lune Glass Window

Stained Glass Window Panels


Half-moon shape art glass window is a Victorian-inspired window that brings additional elegance in the house.

There you have it! Try one of these art glass windows and panels in your home. With these, your home will have an elegant and sophisticated look in it and can brighten up your day. What makes these nice is that you can get a custom design with the colors you like if you couldn’t find one in the market that perfectly suits your taste. You might want to see some pop wall art decors if you want some pop culture to get into your space.