Accessorize Curtains With 15 Rope and Tassel Tiebacks

A window treatment comes in different types. Some would prefer to use shades and blinds while others still opt for more intricately designed curtains. Usually, these curtains would need tiebacks especially if the homeowners wanted to open and close the curtains. Well, a tieback doesn’t have to look ordinary and boring. These can also have fabulous designs which can enhance the look of the home’s interior.

We have thought of showing you some curtain rope and tassel tiebacks today. This list would be perfect for those who are looking for lists of curtain tiebacks. Tiebacks are used to tie curtains and hang them on hooks. These also come in different types and styles but today, we will show you those that have tassels and ropes. Check out the designs we have collated below:

Beaded Tassel Tiebacks

curtains accessories

Touch of Class

Bring in royalty with a tassel tieback made of a crown and crystal. This also comes in various colors which will surely complete your window presentation.

Regency Rope Curtain Tiebacks

Regency Rope Curtain Tiebacks

The combination of Chelsea Green and Cream creates a stunning tieback with a lovely design.

Cord Tassel Curtain Tiebacks

Curtain Tiebacks


Made from silk-like materials, these tassels come in various colors which you can use to match with your curtains or drapes.

Green Big Size Heavy Tassel Drapery

curtain ropes


A green tieback for your curtains made from viscose and gold metallic yarn. Looking at this reminds us of a bell.

Large French Vintage Tassels Red and Gold

Large French Vintage Tassels Red and Gold

Jacqueline McEwan

If you want a vintage feel to your home’s interior, this tassel could be the perfect choice. Just look at its crisscross which were carefully handmade.

Fleur-De-Lis Key Tassel

Fleur-De-Lis Key Tassel

Hobby Lobby

Enhance your home with these tassels with a Fleur De Lis designs. This would look good especially for a room with some vintage-y touches.

Ghazal Decorative Tassel Tiebacks

Tassel Tiebacks

Touch of Class

Clear bead accent, ruffled satin and multi-colored polyester/nylon made up this lovely curtain tiebacks.

Kestrel Elle Rope Curtain Tieback, Eau de Nil

Rope Curtain Tieback


A gorgeous cut glass and diamante tieback with silk effect on the skirt- this will surely be an elegant addition to your window treatment!

Kiera Tieback, Red / Ivory

Kiera Tieback

John Lewis

The combination of red and ivory for this tieback is superb and adorable! Each color made the other look even lovelier.

Modern Curtain Tieback

Modern Curtain Tieback


A modern version of a curtain tieback wherein the glass balls acted as the tassel. We love the simplicity of this one!

Key Tassel

Camille 7-piece Comforter Set

Hobby Lobby

These tassels come in various color combinations. What make these unique are the tassels that look shabby.

Elizabeth Decorative Tassel

Elizabeth Decorative Tassel

Touch of Class

Handcrafted rayon tiebacks that are perfect when displayed with tapestries, curtains and drapery. It is available in a variety of color combos with handcrafted accents.

Delmar Tassels

curtain tassels

These decorative tassels will surely bring your curtain’s look to a different level of appeal. But be sure to pick the one with a color that matches with your window treatment.

Curtain Tiebacks, Vanilla Pink

Curtain Tiebacks pink


This one is so girly in vanilla cream and pink! You can use this even for the bedroom suit for a princess.

Surahi Curtain Tieback Pair

Curtain Tieback Pair

Touch of Class

Braided rope tassels that feature resin antique gold la fleur accents could look pretty on your draperies!

Isn’t this a beautiful list? Well, some of us do not like to use tassels for the curtains and prefer simpler tiebacks but adding one can no doubt enhance the look of our window treatments and the entire interior as well. This shows that even a small accent can already affect the appeal of your home. That is why it is important that you always pick the right decors for your home so that it will look more inviting and welcoming! Want a modern interior? Why not check out these modern drapes?