22 Ravishing Red Floor Lamps to Heighten your Room

They say that nothing completes a house decor but through its perfect lightings. Well, undeniably true! We all know how important indoor lightings are to our homes. It illuminates and enhances the beauty of the interior. Lighting includes the use of lamps which acts as an additional decor and a perfect light fixture that can be very useful for any time of the day.

Floor lamp is one of the many kinds of lamps being used nowadays. This type of lighting is greatly effective for accenting and decorating your interiors. Lamps can be placed at any corner of your room, can be used for studying, reading or any chore routine you do. But of course, given that lamps come in different color and styles then it would be a great dilemma for you. So to have a quick choice, have a sneak peek on these set of hot red floor lamps that will surely intensify the exquisiteness of your interiors.

1. Modern Gloss Red Spindle

modern red floor lamps


Placing this at any area inside your house would bring elegance to your home decor.

2. Indoor Fluorescent Lite Stick

stickbulb red floor lamps

Lighting Front

It may be thin but I know its light will effectively ignite the beauty of your house decors.

3. Jielde Style Red Loft Floor Lamp

aluminum floor lamps modern

Cult Furniture

This one’s going to be a suitable lighting for homes, with just simple designs yet robust and stylish.

4. Twiggy Floor Lamp

energy saver red lamps modern


For a more contemporary style, try to choose a lighting that has a dimmer to save more energy.

5. Kyudo Floor Lamp

lacquered red floor modern


The design of this lamp is very fashionable and functional. It has an adjustable sliding track with a diffuser so that you can adjust it in many positions.

6. Red Fez Lamp

steel body frame

Cult Furniture

This lamp is smoothly modish defined by simple lines and fresh design.

7. Lomalight Floor Lamp

leather shade

Roland Simmons

The striking design of this lamp will give an additional warm ambiance to any space in your room.

8. Flight Floor Lamp

silk fabric shade

Lights Up!

The design may look simple but still it looks glamorous because of its stylish stand design.

9. Emperor Floor Lamp

bamboo rattan


The name itself – Emperor- describes how majestic this lamp is. The shade is hand woven bamboo that brings elegance to the lamp.

10. Lightree Floor Lamp

pine tree shape

Slide Design

This one’s got a different style as it bring the Christmas spirit.

11. Ibis Arc Floor Lamp

incandescent bulb


Modern style it is! The arc is giving a unique style to your modern houses.

12. Askance Floor Lamp

tripod footing


The legs of this lamp looks very different and stylish – a metal coated material.

13. Arum Floor Lamp

flower shaped


Know how to add an outstanding furniture inside your house just like this. A flower-shaped lamp will be a striking one!

14. La La Lamp

two conic shape


Joining two conic fabric shades would surely illuminate your spaces.

15. Loft Floor Lamp

iconic lamp

Cult Furniture

Loft lamp design is a great selection for homes and also for offices. It has a plain design that looks very jovial and stylish.

16. Dar Caesar Light Floor Lamp

satin chrome


This modern style of lamp has 3 lights that come with a satin chrome finish completed with heavenly red shades.

17. Shakti Floor Lamp

plexiglass tube


This lamp got two lights that soothe your convenience either for reading or for dimmer room lights.

18. Kalon Floor Lamp

toggle switch

Roland Simmons

This lamp defines what an artistic lighting really is! Its attractive design is classified by the smooth and soft line that balances with its warm light.

19. Welcome Guest Floor Lamp



Its style attracts the guest with curiosity and greets them with a welcoming bright light.

20. Asana Floor Lamp



The shape of this lamp is very unique which is perfect for contemporary designed houses.

21. Lymo Floor Lamp

glossy metal


This lamp is made from metal but with a glossy finish to offer a chic look.

22. Arc Nero 5 Light

glass shades


I’m sure your living room would not get any dimmer if you have these five-bulb lights with glass shades.

Since everything is getting into a modern fashion sense then it’s time to improve your furniture styles to stay on trend. I’m sure your interiors would look much better if you’ll try to look for more on-trend furniture and decors. After all you’ve got every choice you have in market!