22 DIY Chandeliers That Illuminate with Beauty

We have featured different DIYs here on Home Design Lover and we really can’t get enough of them! I was thinking of what to collate for today’s post. Since I was looking for DIY chandeliers for my bedroom, I decided to make a roundup of the lovely chandeliers I found on the web. And I am sure you will love them too.

If you are not a DIYer, you might be surprised of how we can actually make lighting from materials that we can see and use every day. But for DIYers, this would be a list that would give us new ideas on what to make. I know that just one look at the images, you will get the hint of how these are done especially that most of them are easy and simple! Now let us take a look at the DIY chandeliers which will surely illuminate our homes with beauty!

1. Beachy Wood Bead Chandelier

DIY Chandeliers

Tatertots and Jello

Add wooden beads to a newly repainted chandelier for that beachy feel.

2. Custom Beaded Chandelier

Custom Beaded

Simply Salvage

This is super nice! It does need some time and effort but the result is very gorgeous and something that you’ll surely be proud of!

3. DIY Wine Cork Chandelier

DIY Wine Cork

Mox and Fodder

If you are a wine cork collector, you will be able to come up with a chandelier like this one. So easy yet fab!

4. DIY Ruffle Beads

DIY Ruffle Beads Chandelier

Garage Sales R Us

I very cute chandelier using ruffles and beads! This is easy to make but would make your space look beautiful!

5. Serena Lily Malibu Chandelier Knock Off

Serena Lily Malibu Chandelier Knock Off

Simply Salvage

I’d guess that people from Serena Lily will feel bad that we can pass on buying their expensive chandelier because we can actually make one!

6. Paint Swatch Chandeliers

Paint Swatch Chandeliers

Hey Gorgeous Events

Get an ombre effect using paint swatch that are punched with circles, tape them together and hang on a ring.

7. Easy DIY Beaded Chandelier

Easy DIY Beaded Chandelier

Living with Lindsay

Wrap a chandelier with beads of different colors. Isn’t it gorgeous?

8. Rope-Wrapped lighting

Rope-Wrapped Chandelier


If you have a boring chandelier, wrap it with rope like this one and you’ll get a new pretty lighting!

9. Yarn Chandelier

Yarn Chandelier

Wedding Chicks

This is a simple chandelier using yarns. You can use different colors too.

10. Handmade Dining Room Light

Handmade Dining Room Light

Love and Renovations

Nice right? But this one requires lot of work from the box frame to the bulbs. Yet, it is worth it!

11. Water Bottle

Water Bottle

Oh Happy Day

I think you already have the idea of how this one is done. Make flowers using plastic bottle, paint them and turn them into something like this!

12. DIY Sputnik

DIY Sputnik Chandelier

Little Green Notebook

You’ll be amazed with how this one was made and it turned really beautiful!

13. DIY Capiz

DIY Capiz Chandelier

Lisa Roy

A parchment paper and circular punch will do the work for a chandelier that mimics the look of capiz shells.

14. Mason Jar Chandelier

Mason Jar

Oh Happy Day

You will be using lots of wires and mason jars to make a chandelier like this one.

15. Honeycomb

Honeycomb Chandelier

One Charming Party

You’d give your room a party vibe with this honeycomb pom-poms made into a chandelier.

16. Brass Orbit Chandelier

Brass Orbit

Lindsey Adelman

This may be easy to make but you have to make sure that you are ready to work with lots of wires.

17. DIY chandelier Pom-poms + Hoops

DIY chandelier {pom-poms + hoops)

A Blog Full of Weldons

To update a chandelier for a nursery, the designer wrapped it with scrap fabric and added pom-pom strings to it.

18. DIY gold fringe

DIY gold fringe chandelier

100 Layer Cake

This would be perfect for parties! Get gold fringes, glue them to a ring and add gold hearts!

19. The Bling Chandelier

The Bling

Brassy Apple

I’m sure you won’t expect that wire hanging baskets can look this glamorous!

20. The Drum Shade

The Drum Shade Chandelier

Bliss At Home

The house owner wanted a new chandelier in place of her existing one. So she made one using this drum shade and some crystals peeping at the center.

21. Little Painted Chandelier

Little Painted

How Does She

If you have an old chandelier, just paint it and add some crystals and it will turn pretty!

22. DIY Orb Chandelier

DIY Chandeliers

Ador By Melissa

Instead of buying that expensive orb chandelier, make one using wooden hoops.

Now this list really inspired me! I am planning to make a cardboard chandelier for my bedroom. After seeing this list, I am still thinking of making a different kind of chandelier. Oh well, I know you are also confused as to what you could make. But to make things easier, just think of what materials you already have in your home and use them. If you want to make a different lighting, you can try pendant lights too which will also look as lovely as the chandeliers above.