20 Classy Styles of Floor Lamps in White Shades

We all know how important furniture, appliances, accessories or decors are into our interiors. These are the things that are really needed inside our homes that serves not only as the primary means for our daily living but also as a beautiful focal piece. It has been mentioned and proven before how floor lamps would affix an appealing look into your interior. On the previous collection, we have showed an array of stylish black floor lamp. Since floor lamps come in different dimensions and colors let us provide you another set of stylish lamps.

This time, this collection of floor lamps comes with a white shade. White floor lamps can be an effective piece of appliance that could brighten up your interior. Given the fact that a lamp lightens up any space, with a white color of lamp surely it will be easily noticed by your guests. And of course, it will outshine more in any corner and area of your homes if its design is very stylish and fashionable. I know there are lots of available colors to offer, but for now just try to consider a white floor lamp and see its effect to your interior.

1. Cooper Iron Lamp

copper iron silver white

Masins Furniture

Shed light on your desired spot with this daring yet subtle geometry of this floor lamp.

2. Diamond Lamp in White

floor lamps

Ines Paolucci

For sure your home will have a stylish look with the unique shape of this floor lamp it acquires.

3. Anaheim Glass Floor Lamp

glass cylindrical base lamps


You wanted a glass collection then this floor lamp with a cylindrical glass base will shed new light on your contemporary house.

4. Panthella Floor Lamp

acrylic trumpet-like base

Verner Panton

This notable milky white fixture imitates light from its trumpet base as well as its dome shade upshot in stunning, stirring incandescence.

5. Perimeter White

powder coated white floor

Blu Dot

This floor lamp looks stable with its powder-coated steel legs that creates a frame for an oversized shade.

6. Sirius White

metal white floor lamps

Zuo Modern Contemporary

This floor lamp is painted steel with a triangular twisted sculpture of modern design.

7. Parvati White Lamp

metal incandescent light white

Lite Source, Inc.

The body of this lamp is made from metal and illuminated by incandescent bulb.

8. Indoor Floor Lamp with Plastic Shade

plastic shade white lamps


This is an example of a contemporary lighting that will fit for all occasion and will brighten any spot in your house.

9. Anemoni

stainless steel aluminum lamps appliance


This floor lamp got a very stylish shade made from white lacquered aluminum with a stainless steel base.

10. Carmen Arc

polished metal white

Hector Serrano

The arc of this floor lamp is very stylish and got an artistic design of the shade.

11. Moooi Set up Shades 7

moooi set-up seven shades

Marcel Wanders

This is a unique design of a floor lamp; seven shades were stacked upward to create an entire floor lamp.

12. Bubble Floor Light Cigar

brushed nickel vinyl white

George Nelson

This lamp got a simple sculptural shape but still gives a tried-and-true standard of modern style.

13. Link Large

plywood veneer shade lamps appliance


The shade of this floor lamp is very striking, made from a plywood veneer which is polyester finished.

14. Solid Wood Frame

solid wood frame

Lighting Front

Give a sophisticated look to your homes with this pristine white lamp for a relaxing and refreshing mood.

15. Honeycomb Arc

eco-synthetic metal lamps


The design of this floor lamp will surely be a masterpiece decor and will catch the attention of any guests.

16. Lightsail Clear Lamp

three fabric shades white floor


A floor lamp with a three-fabric shade that hangs gracefully will definitely offer a brighter glow of radiant light in any room.

17. Tina Lamp

polypropylene strips

Arturo Alvarez

The lamp is created with different sizes of polypropylene strips that are molded to create irregular and harmonic volumes, softening the light between its different layers.

18. Flos Fantasma Piccolo Lamp

frosted incandescent light

Tobia Scarpa

This floor lamp provides a diffuse light which is made from plastic covering and a steel base.

19. Fiela Lamp

ostrich feather shade

Haldane Martin

This shade of this floor lamp is made from feathers of an ostrich which is designed to capture lightness and form of a dandelion.

20. The Bride

organic paper shade clear


This beautiful lamp is fashioned by an artistic weave and braid made from organic paper.

In choosing a perfect floor lamp or any decor and accessory for your home, practically it would depend on the design that you really want to achieve. It is important to choose the right design, style and color of an appliance to have a unified theme. And also, if you wanted a less complicated color matching, there are decors that are versatile in nature that would fit in any circumstance.