Cowhide Dining Chairs Grace 20 Lovely Dining Areas

There came a time when animal prints were so in. We can see them in bags, shoes, hair bows and many other items. But not just those that are linked to fashion that had animal prints but even larger items that we can see at home. There goes a zebra print, leopard, tiger and even cow skin. Today, we will show you a list of dining areas that used cowhide dining chairs which is one way to add animal prints to an interior.

Aside from a cowhide area rug that are usually used for the home, there are also cowhide dining chairs which you are about to see in the list below. I am sure you will love this list because the cowhide dining chairs are so charming that you would want to have one of your own! Go ahead and take a look!

1. Grouse Ridge

Grouse Ridge

High Camp Home

Merely adding cowhide chairs on both ends of the table will look amazing!

2. Kensington Dining Chair


London Cows

Or you can use cowhide chairs for all the seating in your dining area.

3. Ranch


Thompson Custom Homes

Adding two unique chairs at the end of a long dining table will also make it appear like an accent to the space.

4. Venice Canals

Venice Canals

Katie Leede & Company

I love the look of this dining area that also has cowhide rug under the table.

5. Broad Cove Residence Dining Room

Broad Cove Residence Dining Room

LDa Architecture & Interiors

These are pretty chairs, aren’t they? Would be perfect both for contemporary and modern spaces.

6. 3 Villas in 1 in Bali

3 Villas in 1 in Bali

The Wall Street Journal

Have an elegant dining area like this with cowhide chairs and two sophisticated chandeliers.

7. Lost Creek

Lost Creek

Teton Heritage Builders

A rustic space would look perfect with cowhide chairs.

8. The Sandhurst at Villages of Piedmont at Leopold’s Preserve

The Sandhurst at Villages of Piedmont at Leopold's Preserve

Stanley Martin Homes

Look at the combination of prints in these dining chairs.

9. Brush Creek Ranch

Brush Creek Ranch


Another sophisticated dining space with lovely cowhide chairs.

10. Chronacher Dining

Chronacher dining

B&B Builders

For this one, the seat has a leather color while the back of the chairs used cowhide prints.

11. Dining room with “specialty lighting”

Dining room with

Suzanne Marie’s Interiors, Suzanne Denning

Notice the different types of cowhide used in these chairs. Pretty!

12. Residential


Patrick Heagney Photography

A modern approach to a cowhide design which is of course just faux.

13. Toronto Contemporary Home

Toronto Contemporary Home

Drawing Room Architect Inc.

When combined with natural wood, cowhide chairs appear even lovelier.

14. Berkeley Dining


London Cows

You would definitely love to own these chairs for sure!

15. Cutting Horse Ranch in Parker County

Cutting Horse Ranch in Parker County

Stephen B. Chambers Architects, Inc.

Plains and prints made from cowhide cover these chairs in this rustic space.

16. La Mirada Residence

La Mirada Residence


Charming dining area with comfy and soft dining chairs.

17. Interiors


Francis Amiand Photographe

I know you can notice the chair with a human form on it but drive your eyes to the cowhide chairs on the sides which are stunning!

18. New Construction

New Construction

PROjECT interiors + Aimee Wertepny

A cowhide design for the chairs with smaller prints on it.

19. Sea Cliff Estate

Sea Cliff Estate

MB Jessee

We are used to the fact that a cow’s color is black and white just like these chairs.

20. Eclectic Townhouse

Eclectic Townhouse

Adelene Keeler Smith Interior Design

Look at these cowhide chairs that looked perfect with its wooden frame.

What can you say? These are indeed gorgeous! I actually thought that cowhide only looks lovely as an area rug but after seeing the images above, it looks pretty even as a dining chair! Well, whether it is faux or real, the use cowhide is indeed a nice addition to your home’s decoration.