20 Wishfully Beautiful White and Green Bedrooms

If you are looking for a color to complement with your white bedroom, choosing the color green is actually a great option because it is soothing to the eyes, comforting at some level and pretty homey because of the feeling that seems you are closer to nature. So, for today, we have compiled a list of 20 Wishfully Beautiful White and Green Bedrooms that you can check out.

Instead of painting the four bedroom walls green and leaving the ceiling white, mix it up a bit and paint the ceiling and one wall or part of one wall your chosen green hue. Be sure to pick up the color elsewhere in the room. Even small accents of it will add visual rhythm, causing the eye to move throughout the space and the viewer to appreciate all of the lovely details. Check out the picture we have below then!

1. Annalisa at Mediterra

White and Green Bedroom design

London Bay Homes

The drapery color similar to wall color accented with the greens is just stunning! I love this bedroom!

2. Artiste Downtown SF

Artiste Downtown

Eche Martinez

If you prefer brighter, bolder colors – use whatever makes you happy.

3. Atlanta Eclectic Bedroom

Atlanta Eclectic

Design Theory Interiors of California, Inc.

Green paint with dark woods and black or white furniture is always a great color combination as seen in this Atlanta bedroom.

4. Brunstrom Residence

Brunstrom Residence

Alan Mascord Design Associates Inc.

I love this bedroom with its bright olive-green walls, rustic wood floor and fluffy white bedding. I would never want to get out of bed!

5. Charlotte Prindle

Charlotte Prindle

Connor Homes

I find this fetching green bedroom appealing for the mix of bold and soft color as well as the charming furniture and accessories. The green walls really help the wood beams stand out, but the remainder of the palette remains light and soothing. It’s a relaxed, airy room that I think would appeal to many – perfect for a guest room.

6. Chicago Residence #4

Stephanie Wohlner

Stephanie Wohlner Design

This is a more dramatic green that offers a modern, fun and youthful vibe. This assertive shade stands up well to darker, cooler wood tones.

7. Coastal Project 1

Coastal Project

Interiors By Agostino’s

Here’s another example of a green ceiling paired with light-colored walls. While the previous example had a minimal palette of just green and white, this bedroom has many different shades of yellow-green mixed with whites and wood tones. It’s colorful but feels soft and harmonious.

8. Dallas Project

Emily Johnston

Emily Johnston Larkin

I love the green here: headboard, bed skirt, pillows and sofa pillows. But I do wish the other colors were brighter. Nothing pops like bright white and Kelly green.

9. Gallery Park

White and Green Bedroom design

Carlyn and Company Interiors + Design

Glam in the bedroom. Malachite may come from nature, but it’s a high-end kind of nature. This large-scale piece on the wall is a showstopper.

10. Gray’s Bay Luxury

Bay Luxury

Stonewood, LLC

Green is associated with organic living. It is a refreshing hue that reminds us of nature and fresh food. While green means luck for many, it is also the color of jealousy and envy.

11. Hawaiian Cottage Style

Hawaiian Cottage

Fine Design Interiors, Inc.

Who does not want a Hawaiian bedroom? It’s gonna feel like a vacation every day!

12. Horse Country

Horse Country

Scott Sanders LLC

The green accents in this bedroom is sure homey and relaxing – something we all want in a bedroom.

13. Menlo Park Remodel

Menlo Park

Evars + Anderson Interior Design

Greem walls, white ceiling, bed, and pendants – totally a combination made in heaven!

14. Oakland Hills Mansion

White and Green Bedroom design

Mark Pinkerton

A warm sage green goes well with earth tones, like browns and ocher. It’s muted and calming.

15. Gallery Park 2

Gallery Parks

Carlyn and Company Interiors

Glam in the bedroom. Malachite may come from nature, but it’s a high-end kind of nature. This large-scale piece on the wall is a showstopper.

16. Sabre Cay

Sabre Cay

Kukk Architecture & Design P.A.

The ceiling fan in this bedroom is pretty and very tropical!

17. Seagrape

Royal Corinthian

Royal Corinthian Homes

The green color in this bedroom is soothing.

18. W Residence

W Residences

A.S.D. Interiors

Clean and contemporary master bedroom with all white and mirror details with accents of emerald green.

19. West Hollywood

West Hollywood

Michelle Workman Interiors

Whether you choose wallpaper or something less permanent (like a duvet cover), a palm leaf print is a mainline to tropical-infused Palm Beach style. It’s bold, so one accent is all you need to make a statement.

20. Wharf House

White and Green Bedroom design

Wright-Ryan Homes

Not into green-painted walls or ceilings? Not a problem. Green has been enjoying a long run as a popular hue for home furnishings, so you can find lots of pretty green bedroom textiles and decorative accessories to work in to your space.

Green is one the colors that complement almost any color available in the market today, technique is always using the right amount of greens to make is either stand out or complement the main color you are wanting to highlight. Tell us what you think about this list!