How to Mix and Match Geometric Patterns in the Bedroom

One element in design that is widely used is patterns. We can actually see this everywhere from the wallpaper to fabrics used in living rooms, bedrooms and other spaces in the house. Some people are hesitant in combining patterns because it might look too busy and crowded. But that isn’t the case as long as you know what patterns to use.

Well, if you are looking for inspiration on how to use patterns, we have collated bedrooms with a gorgeous mix and match of geometric patterns. Geometric patterns are a trend these days for modern interiors. Seeing the list we did today could inspire you to mix patterns without hesitation. As long as you do it rightly, your interior will look undoubtedly fabulous!

1. Geo Bedroom

Bedroom Geometric Patterns I honestly love the combination of patterns in this bedroom from a chevron curtain to all the geometric patterns in the bedroom.

2. Richmond Refurbishment

red wallpaper bedroom

Amory Brown

The wall details are stunning but it looked pretty awesome with the prints on the blanket.

3. Inner City Apartment

pillow case pattern

Nest Designs

Aside from the wall decor above the bed, what I love here are the prints of the throw pillows.

4. London Mews House

bed sheet pattern design

Sasha Meredith Designs

The colors of this bedroom is stunning as well as the geometric patterns too.

5. Steve and Amber Frazee

bedroom curtain pattern

Angela Flournoy

From floral to stripes, this eclectic bedroom sure nailed it!

carpet bedroom pattern

Angela Flournoy

That deer head caught my attention and of course, you can clearly see the patterns in here with just light colors.

7. Bedroom Geometric

Bedroom blue geometric pattern I know someone who loves blue and would be pleased to have this bedroom as her own!

8. House Nerd Blogger’s Quirky Retreat

pillow case pattern

Twinkle and Whistle

The beautiful pressed tin above the bed which is a DIY by the owner will never miss our eyes. Note the colors and patterns used here too.

9. Dallas: Alicia + Adam

colorful triangle wall pattern

Lindsay von Hagel

That colorful triangle wall is something that can inspire you for a DIY. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns too like the pillows.

10. Amy Lau

bedroom carpet square pattern

Amy Lau Design

I love the relaxing tones on this bedroom that used patterns in a cute manner.

11. Huntington Beach

Bedroom Geometric Patterns

Michael Fullen Design Group

Look at the variety of patterns here from the bed cover to the curtains as well as the wallpapers too.

12. Master bedroom makeover

Master bedroom makeover

Karolina Barnes

Sometimes, all you need to work on with patterns is the bed cover, curtain and throw pillows.

13. Chevron Bedroom

zigzag yellow bedroom

Susan Strauss Design

Look at this bedroom! Aside from the patterns and the chevron overload, the colors are easy to the eyes.

14. Bedroom

carpet bedroom design

Jonathan Adler

So chic and classy indeed! I so love the look of this bedroom with all the patterns in them and pretty furniture pieces.

15. Dreamweave

headboard geometric pattern

Rikki Snyder

Stripes and chevrons are all here! Notice the birds at the foot of the bed and a sheep on the other side!

16. Cottesloe Hilltop Residence

bedsheet pattern

Kim Pearson Pty Ltd

A charming eclectic bedroom with different patterns on it just like the striped and floral ones.

17. Jill Sorensen

bedroom curtain pattern

Jill Sorensen

Chevron, stripes and other geometric patterns are seen in this black and blue bedroom with an eye-catching red chair.

18. Bright, Modern Bedroom

Modern Bedroom

California Home + Design

A fabulous and fun bedroom with a mix of bold, but sophisticated patterns.

19. Apartment St Johns Wood

wall pattern

Laroya & Co.

That Morocco indigo wallpaper added more life to this already lovely bedroom.

20. Breakfast Point Apartment

Bedroom Geometric Patterns

As You See It!

You can also combine patterns like this while adding plain colors as well.

This is such a lovely list! I love all the bedrooms and how the designers used all the patterns together. The bedrooms gave us ideas on how to pull off geometric patterns as well as colors too. So, if you are planning to use patterns in the bedroom, you will surely be able to get ideas and inspirations from this list. Can you tell me which one is your favorite?