20 Stunning Black Night Stands in the Bedroom

Bring in a black night stand to your bedroom for a bold touch.

If you are into re-decorating or refurbishing your bedroom, you might be looking for some furniture every so often to add to the entire look of your bedroom. In as much as bedrooms don’t need so much as a decent bed and maybe a lamp, adding seating or night stands could always be an option. Here is a list of black night stands that you can consider for that bedroom you are decorating; night stands as we know it serves a practical purpose as well as add style to your bedroom.

These black night stands may vary in styles and sizes but they are practically a good piece of furniture that you can add to your bedroom. If you will notice, there are some night stands in here that could pass as a clothes drawer or even a small, cute table. Take a look at this collection and see for yourself a possible interior for your bedroom or a possible night stand you might want to add to your bedroom look.

1. Calabasas

Calabasas Andrews

Jeff Andrews Design

These two black night stands add a perfect symmetry to the bedroom. The windows, lamp shades, the flower decor, and even the books give an overall balance to this bedroom. Not to mention, the patterns and decor also give off a geometrically balanced feel.

2. Cooney Road

Cooney Road

Monet Home Staging

This room has a nice light feeling thanks to the wide windows. The black night stands and headboard offer a good contrast to the white walls and windows. Although this room has a small floor space, thanks to the white walls, along with the patterned sheets, the space seem bigger than it’s supposed to be.

3. Hewer Street

Hewer Street

Domus Nova

This bedroom is a beautiful, wide room with a beautiful angled design that give enough light to enter the room. I appreciate the wood-paneled flooring that go well with the white walls. The night stand as well as the lamp shown here look unique too.

4. Maple Terrace

Maple Terrace

Milc Property Stylists

Here’s a lush-looking bedroom that looks really elegant and not to mention, comfortable. The room is not too wide but the decor and the whole look has maximized the entire space. The night stands and lamp look so classy they add to the stunning look of the room.

5. Maryanna

Maryanna Soledad

Soledad Builders, LLC

These night stands in this bedroom complement the windows and they are gorgeous and lead to the balcony outside. I really like the gray bed and it is just a few shades darker than the walls.

6. Naniloa Drive

Naniloa Drive

White + Gold Design

Those pleated designs on the bed and pillows really look charming and dainty. The headboard is a pretty sight as well. The night stands complete the look and make this appear as if from a few centuries’ back.

7. Refined Hand-Hewn

Refined Hands

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design Inc.

Here’s one gorgeous bedroom with colors that give you a cozy feel. The night stands have a cool and unique design to it and overall, this bedroom really rocks. The glass doors lead to a really good view outside as well.

8. 2011 HHL Master Bedroom 2

HHL Atmosphere

Atmosphere Interior Design Inc.

Here’s a classy bedroom with a nice color scheme. The night stands, lamps, as well as the chairs complete the entire look this bedroom want to achieve. Although the beige bed’s color might be a bit out of place, the overall look is definitely a design you might want to consider.

9. Contemporary Meets Traditional in River Oaks

River Oaks

Habitat Roche

The bed is really gorgeous one with a nice elevation effect. The night stands are of different height which looks great despite not being identical. The bench has also a unique and stylish design. The windows and curtain are also a pretty addition to the whole look.

10. Hidden Hills

Hidden Hillsz

Jeff Andrews Design

This bedroom looks really extravagant and the decors are very posh, with the chandelier and even the entire look of the bed. The choice of fabric and material are very luxurious-looking, and the night stand seen here has a very unique and modern style to it.

11. Inverness

Inverness MILC

Milc Property Stylists

This is a very simple yet elegant bedroom design. The color choices are few and even the floor space is not too wide, but in this bedroom, less is more. The black nightstand is quite small but it is perfect for this bedroom.

12. Pacific Palisades

Pacific Palisadesz

Jeff Andrews Design

The night stands here are quite large and I really appreciate the earthy colors in this classroom. Several nudes and beiges are also present making the black colors contrast the whole look.

13. Mews House

Mews House

Milc Property Stylists

A very cool and modern bedroom with minimal decor. The night stands here are really cool and their design are so unique they remind me of a luggage or old-school chests. This is a really neat take on small bedroom designs.

14. Yountville Wine Country Retreat

Yountville Wine

Joyce Hoshall Interiors

This bedroom is very spacious and the choice of decor is gorgeous. The incorporation of wood into this bedroom adds a classic look which blends well with the overall modern feel. The night stand also has a unique style and I really like the black and white prints on the chair, pillows and even on the decor on top of the night stand.

15. Chelsea Townhouse

The Sofa

The Sofa & Chair Company

Here’s a black and white bedroom with a really modern design. And since monochrome never goes out of style, this is a classic approach to modern styling. The night stand is a bit small in scale compared to the bed and headboard, it really goes well with the modern lamp design above it.

16. Compton Avenue

Compton Avenue

Milc Property Stylists

The night stand is simple but it is perfect for the stylish and unique lamp shade on top of it. The color options in this bedroom are not much but they have blended well together offering a very serene and relaxing effect to the entire bedroom.

17. Karma House

Karma House

Amara Property Investments Ltd.

The slender legs of the night stands contrast the low level of the bed. The lamp shades are quite big but definitely unique. The beige bed is a good contrast to the black wall of the room. This is definitely one way you can decorate your own bedroom.

18. Highland Park Nantucket

Park Nantucket

Highgate Builders

What I really like about this bedroom are the windows. They offer great lighting and the sitting area is definitely a good spot to chill during the day and perhaps read a book or two. In this bedroom, the night stand is black and wholly contrasts the color scheme especially since most are nude colors and beiges. The space is really wide so dancing around is really a good activity to consider.

19. Holland Park

Holland Park

Milc Property Stylists

This is another wide bedroom with a lovely fireplace to boast. The black night stand is small but it serves as an accent to the light-colored bedroom along with the pillows and even the fireplace. That is one wide mirror right there, don’t you think?

20. Napa Chic

Napa Chic

Michelle Wenitsky Interior Design

This is one lovely bedroom. I like the beige colors and how it contrasts the dark shade of the bed. The night stands have a unique style and even the lamp has a unique look. I really appreciate the big windows that definitely add lightness to the entire place.

I hope you enjoyed the entire collection of these black night stands and that you had acquired new ideas for that bedroom you are re-decorating. Here in Home Design Lover, we always want to share with you new stuff you can do or add for your spaces at home. For another possible option, here’s a list of 20 Gorgeous Bedrooms with Glass Night Stands that I think are gorgeous and somewhat breath-taking!