23 Cool Storage Bench in the Bedroom

Need more storage in the bedroom? Why not add a bench at the foot of the bed?

Storage benches are cool and very practical for your bedroom or in any particular area you wish to put it! They are very useful and can even serve as alternative couches and of course, extra sitting and storage space just about any time you may need one. Here is a collection of 23 awesome storage benches in the bedroom.

Check out this collection we created and get an idea as to how you might want to use it or even consider which of these styles you think would actually match your space. These 23 benches are definitely gorgeous to the eyes and definitely great extra storage. Who doesn’t need extra storage every now and then, right? You might think these are useless extensions but think about how practical it is to find perhaps extra beddings or pillow cases without the need to go any farther.

1. Black Label

Black Label


This bed is really big so no surprise there – a big bench at the end of the bed. Look at how they used it to put on a bucket of champagne. This is the practical side to these benches. If you have a night stand that’s a tad too cute (like in this bedroom), then you can definitely put down that bottle and unwind first on the bench with a glass of wine!

2. Cranbrooke Residence

Cranbrooke Rosen

Jodie Rosen Design

This one’s really classy and goes well with the overall look of the bedroom. The storage bench is a good extension to the bed and it simply matches the headboard and adds to the whole lightness of this room.

3. Forest Hill

Forest Hill

Laura Stein Interiors

This bench at the end of the bed is definitely unique from the entire beige-ness of the room. Although it matches small green accents like that of the flower and pillow, it definitely is another practical addition especially when you need to put down that tray for another breakfast in bed.

4. Woodland Park

Woodland Parks

Jimmy Jacobs Custom Homes

Definitely customized to match the pillowcases, the storage bench in this room is definitely gives a good oomph to the room. The red accents in this room is absolutely gorgeous and the bench is a good plus to the whole look.

5. Kensington 2

Morph Interior

Morph Interior Ltd.

Here is a very stylish bedroom with a whole matching ensemble – headboard, pillows, beddings, and storage bench. They even complement the nice modern light fixture.

6. Modern Retreat

Anastasia Design

Anastasia Design Group

The lightness of the whole room is well contrasted by the leather upholstery of the storage bench. The bench is relatively smaller than the bed but if you see the headboard peeking through, they are actually a match.

7. Partsch Residence

Partsch Residence

CIRCLE Design Studio

The whole bedroom has a mix of modern and native designs. The wooden blinds and even the wooden paneled headboard beautifully contrast the modern fixtures and furniture. The colors look great together too!

8. Private Residence

Robert Bazemore

J Robert Bazemore

The light blue color on the beddings and pillows is definitely stunning and definitely is a good color choice in this bedroom. I like how the wooden bench appears as an extension of the bed. The whole look in this room is light thanks to the colors and especially the big glass windows.

9. Ranch at Brushy Creek

Brushy Creek

Mary DeWalt Design Group

This bedroom has earthy color choices and it makes the whole room feels more close to nature. The grey and beige storage bench complements the whole look. The grey and green colors are really gorgeous.

10. Lower Fifth

Lower Fifth

Joshua Smith Inc.

Here is another way to use a storage bench–as a bench. Since this space is small, the furniture is arranged in such a way to maximize the entire space. I love those big picture frames and how the colors in this bedroom is in a monochromatic blue giving the room an old school vibe to it.

11. Arcadia

Contemporary Japanese

Elle Interiors

The lighting in this room is absolutely impressive, and with the colors here, the whole mood is really cozy. The beige storage bench is actually a good choice for this room since the walls and the bed are nudes and beiges.

12. The Ridge

The Ridge

McMillin Homes

Another bedroom with a nature vibe with all the grays and greens. I absolutely find this bed and storage bench combination fabulous. The decors are also appropriate in making this room more stunning.

13. Sunnyside Ridge

Sunnyside Ridge

Aspen Design Room

That view is absolutely breath-taking! The glass windows are very grand and add to the magnificent look to this luxurious bedroom. The bed and furs are luxurious-looking as well and that storage bench’s color is a very good match to the whole classy look of the room.

14. Thyme Barn

Thyme Barn

Hart Design and Construction

Another beautiful bedroom with a good white and wood combination. That bench at the end of the bed, stunning butterfly couch, and cubby hole, are also good additions to the whole ensemble.

15. Weho Condo

Weho Condo

Michelle Workman Interiors

A bedroom that an environmentalist would appreciate. The green accents are very awesome and that storage bench with those green prints is definitely impressive.

16. Benton

Architecture Plus

Architecture Plus Inc.

This wide room has perhaps a good spot that leads outside. The grey bench at the end of the bed is a pretty grey, don’t you think?

17. The Woodlands

The Woodlands

Grand Haven Homes

A gorgeously red and black room, this whole space is spectacular and really cozy-looking. Plus, the black and white storage bench matches the bed and the night stand.

18. The Grove

The Grove

Ash Creek Homes

This tufted red storage bench is a bit small but it really complements the red accent wall. Even the painting or photos in the frames are generally red which complements the look. The room might be small too, but nonetheless, it is a gorgeous bedroom.

19. Aspen Gondola Residence

Aspen Gondola

Forum Phi Architecture | Interiors | Planning

This room has minimal color choice but I really love how the coffee-colored bed matches the storage bench. There is minimal decoration but that bed sure looks really fluffy and comfortable and it has a coffee-color accent.

20. Copper Ridge

Copper Ridge

McMillin Homes

This bedroom is surely wide and the decor are well-thought of. I really like how the double storage benches match the pillow cases on the bed. Plus there are real, live plants in this room which I really appreciate.

21. SW Vista

SW Vista

Nifelle Design – Fine Interiors

The colors in this room are simple but very elegant. The beiges and the blue grey have a nice effect to the whole room. The tufted storage bench is really beautiful as well and a good match to the headboard. The design of the bench is nice and adds to the classy, elegant look of this bedroom.

22. Peoria

Streamline Interiors

Streamline Interiors, LLC

This bedroom looks simple yet elegant. The black and white combination makes the whole room even more spacious. The grey storage bench is definitely a good color option since the room is vying for a monochromatic color scheme.

23. Covenant Hills

Covenant Hills

Orange Coast Interior Design

That storage bench is definitely has a unique shape and design. I like how its color matches the colors of the bed and the walls. This room also has good decor choices. The lighting directed at the wall frames is a good way to add coziness in the room and highlight decors.

There are several options to consider, in terms of design and colors and hopefully you had some ideas for your bedroom. For more possible designs check this list of15 Storage Bench Designs for the Bedroom.