20 Contemporary Bedrooms with Silver Accents

Colors like gold, silver and bronze is pretty hard to play with – either you overdo it, or it is underdone. These colors make spaces stand out especially because of the shiny or patina factor to them. In using these colors in the materials could either be used in terms of decoration, furniture or even in the fabric for the pillows or the linens used in the room.

Today, we will be showing you a list of complete awesomeness – glamour, sophistication and sass! We will be presenting you with 20 Contemporary Bedrooms with Silver Accents! If you saw the list we have here about using gold in the living room, this one would be similar to it only that it will sometimes be hard to decipher from grey – but if you love silver, you know that it will always shine through, check it out!

silver accents bedroom

1. Atlanta Contemporary Bedroom

Atlanta Contemporary Bedroom

Been There Done That Design

Looking at the bed frame and head board of this bed is one stunning staple in this space that makes it interesting and fancy looking.

2. Beverly Hills Private Residence

silver accents bedroom


Silver coffee tables and one stunning silver bed! This bedroom sure looks like a gift wrapped for me for Christmas!

3. Boston Guest Suite Bedroom

Anita Clark3

Anita Clark Design

The silver body of the lamps on the night stand adds more pizzazz to this all-white bedroom!

4. Charlotte Classic Bedroom

Jaclyn Ehrlich4

Jaclyn Ehrlich

This bedroom pretty much looks like your regular contemporary bedroom! Adding trimmings like the lamps and the awesome night stands to them makes all the difference.

5. Chevy Chase Home

Chevy Chase5

M.S. Vicas Interiors

Awesome drapes and one stunning silver chair at the foot of your bed completes the look of this bedroom!

6. Custom Remodel in Summerlin

in Summerlin

Tara Dudley Interiors

Decorating a bedroom as beautiful as this one is not easy – but take a look at this space and you’d realize that there are only a few things you need in making it look like it does.

7. Downtown Penthouse

Downtown Penthouse7

Anjali Pollack Design

There is only a few things inside this bedroom and it sure looks stunning. Note the lovely view this bedroom has from the top.

8. Fitzrovia Apartment

Fitzrovia Apartment8

Oliver Burns

I love how silver and shiny this bedroom looks like.

9. London Contemporary Bedroom

Vastu Interiors9

Vastu Interiors

This lovely bedroom is one circular ottoman away from one another simple bedroom you see in the magazine!

10. London Mews House

Sasha Meredith10

Sasha Meredith Designs

Sasha Meredith sure made this tiny bedroom look as fancy as it can be!

11. Merchandise Mart

silver accents bedroom

Michael Abrams Limited

Grey bedroom with silver accents here and there – just lovely!

12. Miramonte at Grey Oak

large mirror design

Diamond Custom Homes, Inc.

Need to add a bit of sass in your bedroom? Go get a large mirror and display it on a plain wall – works all the time!

13. Modern White Bedroom

elegant bed lighting

Mauricio Nava Design

That silver decor on the end of the room sure is intriguing! Additional to the already gorgeous bedroom is the stunning view it has of the city below it!

14. Montecito Andalusian

lamp bed

Cabana Home

I really love the intricate details on this bedroom – the mirror and the cabinet on the side plus the different designed lamps on both ends of the bed!

15. New York Girl’s Bedroom

blue bedroom design

Evelyn M. Designs

This blue and silver color palette works all the time! Whether it is for a woman or a New York gal!

16. Old Westbury Neoclassical

Neoclassical bedroom

Chango & Co.

We already featured this bedroom on one of our lists before – check out the fancy head board that this bed have!

17. S Judkins Street Townhouse

blue bed design

Caron Architecture

Silver night stand complements the blue and brown bed.

18. The Connect Series

silver bed bench


Look at how stunning this rectangular foot stool is!

19. The Isabella Master Bedroom

master bedroom

Romanza Interior Design

Need a special feat for your bedroom? Why not add a stunning silver pendant and it will surely be awesome!

20. Waterscapes Condominium Suite

silver accents bedroom

Peter A. Sellar

Isn’t this one beautiful bedroom with all that silver lamp shades and plant holders! The linens used in this space is just lovely!

There are other stunning lists we have created before to showcase awesome bedroom designs that shows us how to work around it with purple accents, so this list sure made a difference because as common silver is, people, especially home owners are hesitant in using it aside from silverware in the kitchen – but hey, this list sure was pretty! What did you think about it?