15 Gorgeous Gothic Bedroom Ideas

Okay, all this Gothic designs are pretty old in the business, but since it is not widely used and practiced, it seems new for the most part. When we think Gothic, we recall all those churches with the spiraling poles and whatnot – oh college! But for today, we will be sharing a few tips as to how you can create a bedroom into one Gothic-inspired space. First is to make sure the room is clean because Gothic is clean and organized. Second, pick a Gothic theme you like. Next, paint your walls or use wallpapers, the effect it creates is just dramatic. Then, off to decoration!

More on that later, before all the definitions and tips, let us go ahead and take a look at the 15 Gorgeous Gothic Bedroom Ideas which we have prepared for you guys! These range from the fantasy rooms, complete with silver walls and stars, or a darker room, with black walls and haunted pictures. Let us go ahead and enjoy the list!

Beverly Hills Estate

Beverly Hills bedrooms

Master suite with black lace surrounding the bed, back lit lucite steps and platform. Stunning like a Film Noir movie scene. The beautiful, vibrant wonderland of Christina Aguilera’s residence.

Gaillardia Show Home

Gothic Bedroom Ideas

Hoge Architectural Development

We know that you have noticed the wonderful bed frame that this bedroom has; but before all that, have seen the outstanding ceiling treatment? Talk about great style.


Design Construction

Design Construction Concepts

Black columns create a look of distinction in this all-white bedroom.

Modern Man’s Bedroom

Modern Man

Black is used on the bed wall to create drama. Every room should have a “surprise” or a fabulous piece of furniture. In this case the drama comes in the Fernando & Humberto Campana “Vermelha” cotton cord chair.

Naked Decor Contemporary Bedroom

bedroom Decor


A quintet of faux trophies decorate this white wall. Matching their color to the wall color makes us take a closer look and emphasizes their shadows.

Bachelor’s Black Bedroom

black bedroom

Tracy Murdock

Like a custom fitted tuxedo and a crisp white shirt, this Gothic-inspired bedroom is suited not only for a gentleman, but for the ladies too.

St. John’s Bedroom

black pattern curtains

Becki Peckham

Cobb’s bedroom adheres to her glam style. Light lilac walls create the perfect backdrop for her black and white bedding, damask prints and black chandelier.

The Metz

Gothic Bedroom Ideas

The Interior Place

The window dressing is stunning, but when you think about it, the overall room feel probably is the most evident when looking at this contemporary bedroom. We’re sure that night owls would love this design.

Tomas Frenes Residential

starry lights bedroom

Tomas Frenes Design Studio

Just like with the picture before this one, the bedroom setting is sure sexy. Do you feel it?

Cresent Condo in Clayton

black chandelier design

Edwin Pepper Interiors

This is high drama all the way, in part because of the stark contrast between black and white.

Dublin Contemporary

black bed velvet walls

Taylored Interiors

We are not sure about you, but we think this bedroom is fit for Gothic romance. The lighting is simple but sure creates the drama we all want to active in a Gothic-inspired bedroom.

Los Angeles Condo

Los Angeles bedrooms

Charles Neal Interiors

“I always find great inspiration in rugs and wallpapers; they’ve been a passion of mine for years,” Neal says. “The colors, the formalities – or lack of. They ground a space and add so much texture.”

Purple Shabby Chic

Purple bedrooms

Decorating Den Interiors

Who says chandeliers must have little white shades? This chandelier is topped with glamorous little black shades, which only add to the feeling of romance?

Ritz-Carlton Residences

bed lighting

Woodson & Rummerfield’s House of Design

This is a perfect example of Goth-glam – a mix of signature vintage and modernist elegance.

T Eatons Loft

Gothic Bedroom Ideas


Masculine bedroom – modern look but Gothic feel. We like how the detailing in this bedroom was made possible by the designer. Sheer curtains, lovely headboard and fab linens too!

Gothic rooms can be dark, beautiful, and enchanting; and we think that the 15 Gorgeous Gothic Bedroom Ideas we just showed you showcase all those three things we just mentioned. But of course, Gothic style and design is not for everyone, but whatever your style is, black is always a way to go! Check out the 15 Bedrooms with Black Colors and tell Home Design Lover about how you feel about them!