20 Luxurious Design of Mediterranean Bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most important portions of the house. It is considered as the nest of humans where we sleep. We must admit that during decoration or transformation of some parts of houses, bedroom is often prioritized or frequently given a more focused attention. The design of our rooms depends on the lifestyle or the taste that the owner possesses. There are a lot of designs to choose from when decorating your rooms, but for now just allow me to tell you all about Mediterranean inspired designs.

Before anything else, you must know the difference between Tuscan and Mediterranean design because they are compared similarly. Yes, there is a difference between the two. Tuscan design is all about simplicity, they use stones and a more refined design. The main colors that are being used are earthy tones such as olive green, deep brown, blue and gold. On the other point, Mediterranean style integrates the influence of the regions from Spain, France and Greece. The colors used tend to be warm and neutral such as brick red, terracotta, peach and ochre. Mediterranean design is typically one-storey house with woods and stucco as the main materials and usually has high ceiling with exposed beams and accented with wrought iron. The Mediterranean design appears to be opulent and luxurious and bringing up a rustic feel.

1. French Country Estate

luxurious Mediterranean design bedroom

Higgins Architect

The exposed wooden beam gives a rustic style accented with antique chandelier giving an elegant look.

2. Mediterranean Bedroom

Mediterranean design bedroom

Ernesto Design

The design of this bedroom is completed with a canopy bed, window treatment, colored chairs and table.

3. Custom Home Plan

elegant Mediterranean bedroom

Sater Design

What I love about this room is you can feel a romantic sense through the lightings and the design of the valance is very attractive.

4. Mediterranean Style

fireplace wooden ceiling


The wooden ceiling matched seamlessly with the dramatic touch of the fireplace making a barn-like atmosphere.

5. Houston

wrought iron chandelier

Chandos Interior

Mediterranean styled bedrooms are accented with vintage furniture, just like the chandelier made with wrought iron creates an elegant look.

6. Rough Hollow Master Suite

olive green

Austin Architect

The major color that this room displays is olive green, giving a pretty warm atmosphere.

7. Moroccan Bedroom

Moroccan headboard

Gordon Stein

Wow! The bed looks very elegant with the cushion tufted headboard and completed with the two side lamps.

8. Salmon Bedroom

Mediterranean bedroom design

Debra Campbell

The bed skirt, the fabrics on the windows is displaying an Eastern accent, perfectly matched with the rosy-salmon shade of the bedroom.

9. Orange Country

timber ceiling

Shiflet Group

The king size bed looks very comfortable! The ceiling is made from timber making a rustic look and decorated with an elegant chandelier.

10. Milwaukee

maroon color

Collaborative Design

Oh I love floral! It gives a fresh atmosphere all over the room plus the choice of wide glazed window making the room vibrant.

11. Classic Mediterranean

zebra skin rug

Jones Clayton

This bedroom looks very elegant with all the details. It makes us dream to have a bedroom like this.

12. Orlando Bedroom

wooden tray ceiling

KK Design Concept

The drape around the canopy bed gives security and comfort. The ceiling looks very stunning with the wooden materials and chandelier.

13. Old World

Mediterranean bedroom design

Tile Stones

The custom walls give a grand look, plus the rugs that are laid all over the floor give an additional style making the area more stunning.

14. Mediterranean Master


Marc Michaels

When you incorporate a touch of nature like plants inside your bedrooms make it a cool place to live in.

15. 207 Homer Street

white color

White Sand Coastal Development

This room has a very simple design yet a very stylish one with the fireplace that is being installed.

16. 2010 Parade


Design Vision of Austin

Take a view outside while lying on the elegant bed with high cushioned headboard and an arch over the bed.

17. Bed Rooms

queen size bed

John Termeer

The bed skirt and bed cover are very beautiful that fits perfectly with the queen sized bed.

18. Mediterranean Room

overhead arch

Gordon Stein

This one is brilliant! The bed is uplifted with the well-designed overhead arch, while the pendant light boosts the design of the room.

19. Beige Pale Room

Mediterranean bedroom design

RJ Dailey

There is so much simplicity in this room, with the colors used and the fabrics and covers that fits perfectly with the design.

20. Santa Barbara Hope

terracotta ivory

Sesshu Design

This cozy bedroom is designed with terracotta and ivory shade which reflects the fabrics and covers used.

Now, it is easier for you to choose which style you like best. But you can try other bedroom styles too. In that case you have already many ideas on how you wanted your bedrooms to be. Just always remember that you need to design it accordingly, the design that really suits your lifestyle.