20 Bedroom Makeover Videos to Inspire You to Update Your Space

As the year comes to an end, there are things that we want to change in our lives. And this would include updating some spaces in our room.

Did you think of that?

I would guess that this has indeed come to your mind. And when it comes to makeovers, the bedroom always comes first.

Isn’t it nice to start the year with a new bedroom interior? This will no doubt inspire you to move on from the negativities of 2017 and be more positive this 2018. It would also feel really nice to sleep in an updated space.

So, how would you do that?

To begin with, clean your space from unnecessary things and clutter. Choose those that you can give to other people and those that can be considered as trash. Of course, this includes a bunch of papers that are just adding dust to your bedroom.

After de-cluttering, think of a motif that you want for your bedroom. You can buy some new items and decors from the dollar store or you can make your own. You can even re-arrange your bedroom’s furniture too if you want.

Are you looking for more ideas for your bedroom makeover? Here are some videos that will show you how they transformed their boring bedrooms into stunning ones!

No doubt, these videos will inspire you to transform your space!

Check it out!

1. Extreme Bedroom Makeover- The Sorry Girls

You’d love how they added a faux white brick wall and how they retained some items of the old space while giving the space a totally new look!

2. Romantic & Cozy Bedroom

Check out how they come up with a beautiful bedroom with a romantic and cozy feel. Love how they choose all the decorations!

3. Under $300 Bedroom Makeover | Mr. Kate Decorates on a Budget

If you compare the bedroom before and after the makeover, you will no doubt love it! And what makes this even more amazing is that they were able to come up with a stunning space while sticking to the budget.

4. Room Transformation- MissRemiAshten

Watch how she added pastel colors to her space which made it even more beautiful. Love the DIY wall decor that she painted and it looks really simple!

5. Extreme Full Bedroom Makeover- Scott and Camber

The entire family worked together to transform this bedroom. You will love the colors they used for the walls and it looks really better now compared before!

6. Bedroom Makeover | From Bright Purple to Cotton Grey | Mary Fasil

From a purple bedroom to a gray colored bedroom! When you are younger, you prefer to have colored walls like pink or purple or whatever is your favorite color. But as you grow more mature, you prefer neutral colors since the bright colors would distract you. This is what Mary Fasil did to her bedroom which turned out really nice especially with the gold accents!

7. Master Bedroom Makeover

This couple worked together to update their bedroom with black, white, gray and pink colors in it. The result is so cozy and stunning!

8. Dream Bedroom Makeover for a Rock Star

Who said a rock star doesn’t deserve a space like this? It turned out really nice and it looks so different from the previous interior. Now, it looks even better with a large floral bed backdrop!

9. Epic Room Transformation by Abigail

She decided to update the look of her bedroom with added plants and more colors in it. It now looks more organized too!

10. Fairy Lights Bedroom Makeover Goals!

This Bohemian bedroom is so beautiful with all the colors and patterns in it. But what really made it stand out are the fairy lights for the bed with a DIY canopy made of sheer curtains. Anyone can actually do this in their bedroom!

11. Budget Bedroom Makeover by Mary Elizabeth

From a dull and dark bedroom to a bright and gorgeous space! You will really see the difference which is very impressive. It is nice that she used the old decors of the space that retained the personality of the bedroom.

12. Gorgeous Guest Bedroom Makeover- The Sorry Girls

Love everything in this room that despite its simplicity, it still looked really beautiful! Aside from the shelf above the bed, I also love that suspended side table.

13. Bedroom Makeover Reveal- Home Decor | Twilightchic143

Aside from organizing everything, new decors were also brought into the space making it look even more gorgeous! The makeover also made the bedroom appear more spacious and bright.

14. Extreme Bedroom Makeover| The Rybka Twins

You will no doubt love the marble print on the bed as well as all the decors in it. Love how they added items with pink and gold accents.

15. Bedroom Makeover/Transformation – Koleen Diaz

This beautiful lady did her bedroom makeover by herself with new furniture. She also picked her own decors. The throw pillows that she added are so lovely!

16. Bedroom on a Budget!

Decorating on a budget can be colorful and chic! Check out the canopy DIY made a hula hoop! This turned out really gorgeous!

17. Birthday Bedroom Makeover

This is such a beautiful bedroom and it could indeed be the best gift one can get for her birthday. The sheets and throw pillows are really nice!

18. Master Bedroom Makeover | Our ReStyler | Farmhouse/Cottage Style

The bedroom looks very creative and this will make you love the farmhouse and cottage style.

19. Ultimate Pinterest Bedroom Makeover

This bedroom makeover is indeed Pinterest-worthy! There are so many items in here that I would love to include in my bedroom. For sure, you feel the same way too! That feather wall decor above the headboard is a great DIY idea!

20. Extreme Bedroom Makeover

The grey and white colors in this bedroom looked very amazing. But the decors, the bed, and the bedding cover completed the look.

Amazing, right? There are indeed so many different ways to update your bedroom and the ones you see above give you ideas on how to do it. You can see that many of these bedroom makeovers updated their wall painting and wallpapers. Others added new furniture or just updated the look of their furniture. Isn’t it nice to see that a boring bedroom can still look stunning? For sure, you will also agree with me that using new fabrics, bed covers and throw pillow covers can magically add a new twist to the bedroom. After seeing the bedroom makeover videos above, do you feel inspire to update your own personal space?