20 Refreshing Grey and Green Bedrooms

Love green and gray? Then this is the bedroom designs for you!

When designing a bedroom, several factors are to be considered, wall colors, size of the bed, choice of windows, accents, and decors among else. Choosing the right colors that work for you is very crucial since it can make or break your interior design. If you love colors like green and grey, here is a list of 20 possible ideas for a more refreshing approach to your bedroom.

The grays and green in these 20 refreshing bedrooms are in the form of the beds, accent walls, pillows, decors, and even curtains. Although some might not associate these two colors immediately, this list will give you several ideas that might make you consider the possibility of converging these two colors in your bedroom.

1. Chicago Residence #4

Chicago Reside

Stephanie Wohlner Design

I can’t say that I love these two colors together, but with the right amount I guess, it should definitely work its magic. In this bedroom, we can see how they played with a funky carpet to contrast with the color of the walls and the furniture. I think there are so much they can do with the walls, but it’s looking pretty neat as it is.

2. Buell Mansion Remix

Buell Mansion

Andrea Schumacher Interiors

If you want something green in your bedroom, I think the best way to do it is to get one large green bed and you’re pretty much good to go! Well, that’s what they decided to do in this bedroom. I mean, the big, green bed looks perfect; I think it’s just too perfect.

3. Rock Creek Park

DC Renovation

Arlington Construction Management

An apple green wall sure makes me want to get an apple too. I think this is one bold color for an accent wall, but looks calming too. We or I am more used to seeing a different textured wall or a red one for accent walls, other color options seems like is done because of the fact that is favorite color of the home owner.

4. Duncan Noe

Duncan Noe

Todd Davis Architecture

When I saw this bedroom, I was in awe of the choice of accent wall used in here. A wallpaper is always a good option especially when you are into shapes or designs impossible or at least hard for painters to actually achieve. I’m sure what the figures are in this wallpaper, but the color is just wonderful which contrasts well with the grays in here.

5. Mesa Residence

Mesa Residence

Jessica Risko Smith Interior Design

The small bits of green in here makes it more calming and really relaxing. We should know by now that green is a color used for relaxation. I can’t say that all spas or resorts should be in green, but I think you might have noticed in one way or another, these relaxation places have tons of greens in them.

6. Smithcliffs

2508 Smithcliffs

Prestige Builders

There might be a few greens in here, but it sure stands out! If Prestige didn’t make so many Smithcliffs projects I think that I wouldn’t have seen how stunning their spaces are. The light grey on the walls and the grey cabinets complement the white linens in here.

7. Urban Casual

Urban Casual

Refined LLC

Talking about relaxation, this bedroom surely has that one covered. Painting this entire bedroom in green surely made a whole lot of the relaxation part convenient for whoever would be sleeping in here. The grey ceiling, along with the linens made this bedroom ideal for rest and well, sleep.

8. Weathered Elegance

Weathered Elegances

DKOR Interiors

This is one popular photo – and I think that you should know how much thought I had done to actually add this one on this list. I mean, grey’s at a minimum, and especially green. We see a hint of green on that large pillow on the side and the one on the bed and that’s pretty much it.

9. 2013 Show House

2013 Show

Andrea Schumacher Interiors

I personally love the color of the wall. It’s not too dark or not too light. It complements well with the green drapes and the beige carpeting. What I’m mostly amazed with is the color of the four-poster bed. I mean, it’s not so bad really, but I think they can get something else or maybe repaint it.

10. Artiste Downtown

Artiste Downtown

Eche Martinez

Tihis has much love sewn into it. The white and green combination plays off really well. I thought that I can’t actually add this in this list, but we see a light grey wall and I think that’s enough. At least I think so. I love the fact that they added green drawers for the night stands.

11. Cardiff Ranch

Cardiff Ranch

Cristi Holcombe Interiors, LLC

This bedroom (well, at least with what we see in here) has the cutest pillow cases! The prints on the pillows and the decor on the wall are just fun and somehow coordinated; even the window drapes. From what we see in here, we know that the owner of the house loves prints and different textures for the decorations and furnishings, but the plain walls and the lamps makes the contrast worth it.

12. HHL Bedroom 2011

Bedroom 2011

Atmosphere Interior Design Inc.

The blue and green combo obviously majorly done in here is evident – without a hint of doubt; but I would want you guys to actually pause for one bit and realize the stunning look the prints on the drapes, the pillow cases and the pictures on the wall made the plain walls. I can say that contrast plays a great role in home design.

13. Fairlawns

Degrees North

50 Degrees North Architects

The seemingly-geometric patterns on the bed sheet appear to be language characters and this is a great idea for those who love to study foreign languages that have characters. The green accents are not too overpowering in this bedroom which is kind of nice and subtle. I also love the modern chair in the corner and the headboard is something I actually like in this room.

14. Larkspur

HSH Interiors

HSH Interiors

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the decor above the headboard in this room. The balance created by the bedside tables, the headboard, and the overhead lamps (not to mention, pillows) are juxtaposed with the eccentricity of the decor. I love the prints on the square pillows, with just enough hints of green, and of course, the furry end of the bed. Here’s to hoping no animals were harmed, because this bed sure looks very comfortable.

15. Parade of Homes Spring 2013

Homes Spring

Great Neighborhood Homes

Red is definitely part of the motif in this bedroom. The choice of an olive green four-poster bed matches the grey walls of this bedroom. The design of the bed posts is not really the best option for me but nonetheless, the bed sheet and pillows that really go well with the fresh flowers are really appealing for me.

16. Texas Contemporary

Texas Contemporary

Pillar Custom Homes, Inc.

The choice of decor and furniture in this bedroom is really modern. I appreciate the wide glass windows especially favorable for those who like large quantities of light coming through. Plus, I see that nature’s greens are part of the view outside aside from a what seems to be a live plant inside the bedroom. The lamps are stunning and of course, the carpet is definitely a standout. The effect is similar to that of impressionist designs and may be not work for everyone.

17. Artfully Arranged

Artfully Arranged

Panache Interiors

As the name suggests, this bedroom is artfully arranged. The colors are not over the top although the bed sheet patters are strikingly gorgeous. The balance in this room design is definitely felt which I really like. The green wall is pretty and it gives more emphasis to the black accents and decor found all over the room.

18. Spring Creek Residence

Spring Creek

Clayton & Little Architects

A bedroom with a pretty neat view? Well of course we’d love one! The wide glass windows and doors that lead outside are really gorgeous. I love how this bedroom appeals to the minimalist side with neutral colors and only a few colors to accentuate the whole area. Well, if we consider that the view in the garden is sufficiently relaxing and an eye feast, then this room design is definitely a good contrast to set a nice balance to everything.

19. Belsize Park Mansion Apartment

Belsize Park

Clifton Interiors Ltd.

I love the walls in this bedroom and the grey bed is also stunning. Although I would prefer more light and ventilation in a bedroom, the minimalist approach to this bedroom’s design is a plus for me. The decors are not much but the floor’s dark shade is a good choice and the contrast provided by the light-colored wooden cabinet has a pretty effect and not to mention, it sure has a unique design.

20. New Craftsman

New Craftsman

Ashley Rohe Design

As I was saying earlier, I love wide windows that offer enough light and ventilation in the bedroom. This bedroom is spacious and definitely a great place to unwind at the end of the day or even during the weekends. May I also compliment these live plants in this room, because I really think they add life and color to any room. The grey wall and accents really complement the whites in this area. This bedroom proves that less is definitely more.

See how the colors grey and green worked together to create a bedroom that has leveled up in terms of appeal and to an extent, has an effect in comfort. Green accents and decors definitely add a kick to the neutrality of grey walls and floors and is a refreshing approach to your bedroom design. For more grey and green designs, complete the look and motif up to your living room. Check out this list of grey and green living rooms.15 Lovely Grey and Green Living Rooms