16 Classy Black and White Bedroom Designs

It has always been a classy choice to get black and white for a room design. These neutral palettes when combined project a modern impact to a room. This combination has been used for classic modern minimalist design because of the effects it brings. White reflects light and can make the room looks larger while black absorbs light and can make the room looks smaller. Therefore, the usage of these colors will depend on the space that you are working on and the effect that you want to achieve.

Whether you may want to have a dominating white interior in your room to achieve that sereneness or you may want to have that prevailing black that is bold and edgy. These 16 Black and White Bedroom Designs will definitely entice your classy taste.

Bedroom at Night

Classy Bedroom Designs


A modern minimalist design with colorful paintings added charm to the room.

Modern Bedroom

Modern Bedroom Black and White


Give a feminine touch on your classic black and white bedroom by using these lovely floral prints on your accent.

The Black Pearl Bedroom

Black Pearl Bedroom

Velizar Dimitrov

Feel the intense tranquillity with the bold-printed-black wallpaper on your walls that envelope the room.

Black and White Bedroom

Black and White Bedroom Idea

Designed by G

Don’t you just love how geometry is used in this room? It simply makes you forget how you hate it in school!

2 Bedroom Suite

Dark Light Bedroom Suite

Designed by G

Nice lighting with a minimalist touch will surely be a modern class in every manner.

Gorgeous Bedrooms

Gorgeous Bedrooms Black and White

Imagine Living

The black walls are balanced by the white furniture, linens and accessories. Superb airy feel!

The Modern Wardrobe

Classy Bedroom Designs

Lisa Adams, LA Closet Design

Capture an ultra-modern style on this wonderful design.

Europeo Bedroom

Europeo Black and Clear Bedroom

Imagine Living

Modern, minimalist, black and white bedroom design done in sophistication!


Habachy Black and White Bed

Habachy Designs

Be a diva in this edgy dramatic room.

Hawks Landing

Classy Bedroom Designs

Britto Charette

A geometry-inspired, modern-contemporary design that you will surely love!

Bachelor’s Black Bedroom

Bachelor Black Bedroom


A masculine bedroom design suited for a gentleman with a classy sense of style.


Bedroom Clear and Dark

Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech

Make your simple black and white bedroom come to life with a mixed pattern look by choosing animal prints for your bedroom accessories.


Continuum Black Bed and White

Nieto Design Group

Be adventurous and add new flavor to your room. Choose textured wallpaper to your room instead of the plain white paint will create a classier effect.


Classy Bedroom Designs

Michael A. Menn

Don’t you just love the distinction those black columns create against the white interiors?

Majority of Black and White

Majority of Black and White Bed


Airy, soft and bright! The accessories, texture in this room and the colors just blended perfectly.

Modern Bedroom

Modern Bedroom Idea White and Black


An earthy feel is achieved in this black and white bedroom design by adding wood as an accent.

There you have it, our collection of Black and White Bedroom Designs. Draw inspiration from those interior designs we feature and create a design that will favor your space and matches your own taste. Do not be afraid to mix various things in your bedroom that you think will give you the look that you want. If you want to add more color to your neutral based room you can always use a vibrant-colored decoration like a huge painting for an accent or a lamp perhaps. You can create a lot of twist to this classic black and white bedroom design that we all love. You just need to use your creativity and imagination. You can even come up with a Red Bedroom or a Zen Bedroom Design if you want.