20 Baby Boy Nursery Rooms Theme and Designs

When a couple is expecting, they would surely be excited to prepare the baby’s needs. That includes the clothes, the toys, and most expecailly the nursery room. The parents-to-be would make sure that their little one will have the best nursery room ever. Aside from the excitement they both feel, it is their love that prevails moving them to prepare for their baby’s needs. It is indeed an amazing thing that most babies already have their own place even before they come into this world.

Having a boy would be as exciting as having a baby girl. But of course there would be a difference when decorating their nursery rooms. So, if you are confused as to what to place in your baby boy’s room, then we will give you ideas on how to do it. There are different nursery room themes for baby boys. We will let you see possible themes that you can apply. Scroll down and take a glimpse at appealling nursery rooms for boys.

Alligator Nursery

Alligator Baby Boy Nursery

Pottery Barn Kids

A simple crib is in this nursery with plaids used in the beddings.

Amazon Jungle

Amazon Jungle for Boys

Jungle themed nursery with lively colors and cute animal cartoons for your baby boy’s room.

Beach Baby Boy Nursery Room

Beach Baby

Rosenberry Rooms

Minimal looking nursery with a beach theme using light blue ang mint colors.

Blue and Green Giddy Doty

Blue and Green Giddy Doty Room

Carousel Designs

Retro circles of blue and green patterns are seen in this nursery making it look lively.

Blue Moon and Star Nursery

Blue Moon and Star Nursery

Let the moon and the stars shine in your baby’s nursery through this kind of set up.

Classic Sports Nursery

Classic Sports Pink Nursery

Carousel Designs

Make your baby boy have a sporty mind with this nursery that is sports themed.

Travel Time Boy Nursery

Travel Time Nursery for kids

Bedtime Originals

Give the room a feeling of travelling in a design like this one.

Gus Boy Themed Nursery

Baby Boy Nursery Rooms

Rosenberry Rooms

Different patterns from damask to animal designs are used in this room.

Hadley Nursery for Boys

Baby Boy Nursery Rooms

Pottery Barn Kids

Warm colors are used in this nursery with minimal accents making it look cozy.

Monkey See, Monkey Do Baby Kid Nursery

Baby Boy Nursery Rooms

A cartoon of a monkey jungle would look good for the nursery accented with stripe patterns.

Navy Harper Nursery

Navy Harper Baby Nursery

Pottery Barn Kids

Navy themed with white and navy blue combinations for a simple nursery.

Beacon Hill Nursery Room

Beacon Hill Nursery

Erin Gates

Looking sophisticated with the pattern on the carpet and the abstract painting on the wall while remaining childish in appearance.

Sailor Nursery Room for Kids

Sailor Nursery

Your little boy may love these sailor inspired items, so show it to him by having this room.

Sea Animals Nursery

Sea Animals Nursery

Cute sea animals in light green and blue stars inn this nursery room.

Sea Turtle Bedroom

Sea Turtle Damask Nursery


Another room of blue shades with cute turtle and polkadots combined.

Boys Like Trucks

Boys Like Trucks Nursery


A truck themed room looking great and childish especially with its choice of colors and shapes.

Western Cowboy

Western Cowboy Nursery


It would look good to give your baby boy a cowboy themed room with shades of brown.

Bradley Baby Bedroom

Bradley Nursery

Pottery Barn Kids

With elephant and giraffe designs, this nursery would be right for your baby boy.

Honey Bear Nursery

Honey Bear Nursery

Brown and green is used in this baby room with cuddly looking honey bears.

Sports for Baby Boy Nursery

Baby Boy Nursery Rooms

Bedtime Originals

This one really looks right for a little boy with all the sports elements seen on it.

Some people think that boys only have few choices when it comes to designing a bedroom but with the showcase of nursery room for boys above, you will surely be amazed at the numerous themes you can choose from for yout little prince. You can also think of other themes that would suit you baby and try to create it on your own way. You will be amazed at how lovely it would look afterwards. You can make use of this collection as your inspiration. Or if you are having a baby girl, then take a look at our collection of nursery rooms for girls.