20 Awesome Antler Chandeliers in the Bedroom

If you have a thing for antler chandeliers, you can add that to your bedroom too!

In the field of chandeliers, we have created yet at least two lists that shows pictures of antler chandeliers that are surely interesting and well, pretty rare. We see a lot of traditional or rustic spaces that doesn’t really have antler chandeliers as the main choice for their lighting fixture – but in this list, we will be showing you a couple of pictures that might really intrigue you into searching for more designs like I did the first time.

For today, the list of 20 Awesome Antler Chandeliers in the Bedroom is hoped to be something that you would look back mainly to check the designs of both the bedrooms and the chandeliers too. You might notice that some of the chandeliers are not totally exposed but I hope that you can see how much they complement and make the bedrooms they are in a bit more brighter. Check them out!

1. Denver Home Remodel

Earthwood Custom

Earthwood Custom Remodeling, Inc.

This Denver home sure is one traditional example of how one comfortable bedroom usually looks like. With a large comfy bed and the cute dresser on the side, this bedroom is in fact pretty and perfect. Notice the cute antler chandelier in this room that is used to brighten the space? Pretty awesome, right?

2. Elegant Country Estate in Ross CA

Ross CA

Decker Bullock Sotheby’s International Realty

California sure has the best homes that use Green Architecture – because of all the sun you have in there, the use of glass windows always work well, both for the house and the home owners; it allows for enough lighting in the morning and ventilation too.

3. Guest Cottage in Boston

Guest Cottage

Oak Hill Architects

This bedroom must be in the attic of something; the exposed beams, the antler chandelier and the printed wall, this bedroom is definitely dramatic and full of stories to tell. Notice the large chest at the bottom of the bed? Pretty vintage and stunning.

4. Martin Camp 19

Martin Camp

Spirit Tahoe Interior Design & Gallery

Antler chandeliers are common in cabins like this one – you can see how much all the wood and stones in this bedroom complement well with the chandelier or the other way around – the chandelier complements with the bedroom’s building materials.

5. Ski In Ski Out Home

Ski Out

Rocky Mountain Homes

The antler chandelier in this bedroom is a bit greyish or dirty white which somehow blends with the color of the wall that it makes me think that they should have gotten something else for the chandelier; but since the ceiling is wooden brown, at some point it still contrasts from each other which is better – I think.

6. The Isabella II at Mediterra

The Isabella

Romanza Interior Design

The Isabella is one bedroom with a modern version of an antler chandelier. The color mixes with the whites and beiges in this bedroom but because of the design of it, it surely is the show piece in this bedroom – just like as it should.

7. Versailles Dark Bedroom

Versailles Dark

The French Bedroom Company

See the chandelier? I almost didn’t. Haha! The fabulous bed is just the main attraction in this bedroom that I personally somehow missed the antler chandelier. Haha. The bed looks extraordinary even when we all know that we have seen a lot of beds that looked like this.

8. Yale Street Residence

Ryan Begley

Ryan Begley

This simple yet bright bedroom showcase a spacious area that serves as a place for rest and comfort for the home owners. The bed may not be large enough for some but it sure looks comfy enough for sleep – also, you will notice that this is a contemporary space that uses an antler chandelier, pretty cool, right?

9. Big Moose Log Home

Big Moose

Sitka Log Homes

In here, we see a cabin that surely looks so beautiful. Just looking at this bedroom, we see how pretty it is. All the wood used in this home sure looks fab, I even think that the bed looks great and definitely unique; the antler chandelier is a classic too.

10. Blue Ridge Georgia Cabin

Blue Ridge

Envision Web

Look at the teeny tiny antler chandelier in this bedroom! It looks like the bedroom space is not too big, but the bed sure is large. Proportion may not be the main motif in this bedroom but it sure looks fantastic! All the wood in here looks fine and fab!

11. Bridgehampton, NY Beach House

NY Beach

Crescendo Designs, Ltd.

A fancy antler chandelier is highlighted in the center of this white bedroom! Its size surely matches the large bedroom too – it sure is noticed when you look into this photo, how much more when you are actually in this home?

12. Camp Big Rock

Noble Black

The Noble Black Team at Douglas Elliman

When I saw this picture, I thought that the beds sure look comfortable and puffy and just plain beautiful – but when you look further, you’ll see how neat the poufs are and the accent wall and of course, the antler chandelier! Tell me what you think about this bedroom guys.

13. Crooked River Home

Crooked River

Villa Decor

A simple yet beautiful bedroom space from Villa Decor. The color palette is neat and really homey. The browns in here is just stunning and earthy that it the snow outside looks too wet and uncomfortable – so staying indoors is a better choice.

14. Custom Log and Timber Home

Barna Log

Barna Log Homes of PA

This bedroom sure looks a bit hippy – and I think that is but a compliment. The beautiful quilt on the bed sure match a bit with the floor mat and complement with the antler chandelier and the cabinet across the bed. The antler chandelier in this bedroom looks like any antler chandelier, but with the entire room, you know for yourself that it makes the space more stunning!

15. Full Remodel of SF Victorian

SF Victorian

Aaron Gordon Construction, Inc.

I know that the antler chandelier in this San Francisco bedroom is in the other side of this bedroom, but the mere fact that we see it from the bedroom is just awesome. The bed with that tufted headboard is super pretty and looking really comfortable.

16. Mill Valley

Mill Valleyx

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

See this pretty bedroom? I can imagine myself sleeping in here. The bed and pillows looks just right, the decors are pretty and the antler chandelier is just stunning! The symmetry of this bedroom is just so cool, I love it!

17. Rustic Lake Home

Hansen Companies

Carl M. Hansen Companies

This lake home looks incredible! The large window allows you to really enjoy the lovely lake and the materials used in this bedroom makes you feel and savor the aura that is only given by a cabin by the lake – just stunning!

18. Jackson Hole Modern Mountain Retreat

Jackson Hole

Pearson Design And Style Group

If you are into wooden things and natural-inspired things, this bedroom might interest you because of the things inside it like the fabulous antler chandelier and the awesome hardwood headboard and night stand! This is a favorite for me! By the way, the antler chandelier is by Frank Prolonged

19. Upper White Fish Retreat

White Fish

Bruce Kading Interior Design

This bedroom looks remarkable with all the pillows and puffy linens and drapes. This sure looks one awesome traditional bedroom that showcase a bit of cabin and a hint of a stunning rest house. The wonderful antler chandelier is an additional beauty in this bedroom.

20. Retreat Beauty

Retreat Beauty

James Farmer

This rustic bedroom is interesting not only because of the antler chandelier (in white, by the way!) but also because of the furniture choices made in here – the wooden, rattan-like side arm chair, the weird but cool night table and those decors above the head board – whatever they are, they look interesting and full of stories – the cool ones!

If you are into rustic spaces and decorations, adding an antler chandelier or two into one of your bedrooms might actually do the trick to achieving just a hint of rustic aura to whatever your home archetype is. They add a vintage yet rustic flair that makes any room as interesting as it already is. Since we are talking about antler chandeliers, you might as well take a look at the Fascinating Antler Chandeliers in 22 Interesting Living Rooms and pick a favorite and please do tell! Happy New Year readers!