15 Romantic Bedroom Ideas for an Intimate Ambiance

Romantic bedroom ideas is what we have for you in today’s article. We are sure that you are going to like it as much as you did with our previous collection of Sensual and Romantic Bedroom Designs. The concept is the same but here, we are taking you to a different level -more sophistication, elegance and romantic atmosphere that will awe you as you go through our selection.

Truth is, whether you have someone to share your bedroom with or none, you could always put a romantic twist to it. The whole romantic impression is all about coziness, comfort, intimacy and elegance. We know that we have a lot of hopeless romantic folks out there and we love to help you put some whimsy of romance to your most private space. So let’s keep that romance burning and get some tips and tricks with our 15 Romantic Bedroom Ideas!

Romantic Flowered Bedroom

Romantic Flowered Bedroom Go for a luxurious contrast like this gold and white palette and see how it can immediately transform your dull interiors to a romantic-Olympian escape.

Ever So Soft Bedroom

Romantic Bedroom

Laura Britt

Lovely combination of hues! Colors play an essential part in a romantic bedroom design. It does not only make your room come to life but it also adds an intimate vibe to its over-all appeal.Try these soothing colors for a sweet romantic bedroom!

Classic Bedroom Design

Classic Bedroom Design A round, beautifully-adorned bed creates an intimate-luxurious feel and the wall mural is just a perfect match. Why not go overboard with your beddings and choose satin or silky fabrics for a more sensual texture like the one above.

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

R.J. Gurley Custom Homes

The charming arch with its lovely patterns as wall accent creates a canopy like effect that makes this room so intimate and inviting.

Luxury Bedroom

Luxury Bedroom


Sheer curtains have that lovely, seductive appeal that everyone loves. Use it to add sensual texture and light up your room with candles to amplify the romantic atmosphere.

Dramatic Bedroom

Dramatic Bedroom

Jane Lockhart

Use calm and soothing colors like grayish blue with black as the accent to get edge and drama in your romantic space.


Romantic Bedroom designs


Put some flowers in your bedroom, may it be a vase of fresh flowers or those lovely plastic ones it sure can set a romantic mood.

Master Bedroom New Classic Style

Master Bedroom

HD maxdesigns

Mirrors for an accent wall are gorgeous. It does not only create depth but it also adds mystery and charm to a romantic escape.

Fashionistas French Inspired Beach Pad

Romantic Bedroom designs

Plural Design Inc.

Choosing soft fabrics is a must in a romantic bedroom; faux fur bedspread is also a sexy choice. Fancy chandelier, heavenly white interiors and rows of pillar candles for decor, definitely a breathtaking scene.

Romantic Rose Series

Romantic Rose Series


A Victorian touch is always inviting and romantic so go ahead and add some in your bedroom and see how it will transform your bedroom into a romantic lair.

Esquire 2010

Romantic Bedroom designs

Annette English

What best sets the mood for romance than soft lightning? The cozier it gets the better. So get that dimmer installed and have a snugly retreat like the one above.

Classic Bedroom

Classic Bedroom


Make sure that unnecessary furniture or appliances are kept for a clutter-free room. Clutter is no sexy, darling! So start getting some casegoods for your boudoir and keep it chic for a romantic flair.

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Karen Watson

The sumptuous details of this beautiful bedroom design say it all. The charming pink headboard makes a pretty accent for such a romantic bedroom.

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Smita Singh

Pink has always been a color of love, same as red and white. To have these hues splashed on your interiors or on your décor, accessories or beddings can create a great romantic impact.

George V Private Royal Suite

Romantic Bedroom ideas


Overflowing with elegance and luxurious details! The colors are so sexy and the stack of throw pillows are so inviting that it makes you want to jump into it right away.

So there you have it, our list of wonderful Romantic Bedroom Ideas. Making your bedroom look sexy and romantic lies in the aura that your room exudes. It should be clutter-free with soft, relaxing beddings, lovely draperies, romantic color scheme, pillars of candles for a more amplified romantic appeal and fresh flowers for sweet scent and lovely sight! Oh and do not forget that cozy look so always use soft lighting. Sure you could say that it will take up a lot of effort, time and money but hey, when you see the end-result of it, it is all worth it. Don’t forget to check on Sensual and Romantic Bedroom Designs.