Relmar Houses: Unique Modern Complex in Toronto, Canada

  • Oct 11, 2015
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You may have seen different apartments or duplex homes but for sure, most of them has the usual design with pitched roof and all. But with modern architecture as a trend, there is a great chance that you can actually… Read more

Coastlands House: A Coastal Home Made of Glass and Stone in California

  • Aug 07, 2015
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We have featured many coastal homes or those homes that are near the beach. It is amazing that every home… Read more

Impressive Design of a Modern Glass and Concrete Pool House in Belgium

  • Jul 30, 2015
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Having a pool in the house is already a great thing that would give you a place where you can… Read more

Before and After: Impressive Usage of Reclaimed Wood in this New England Farmhouse in Maine

  • Jul 29, 2015
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With a big budget or not, it would always be nice to use some reclaimed materials to save some bucks.… Read more

Dutch Church Loft Residence in Netherlands: From a Church to a Home!

  • Jul 15, 2015
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Some homes are indeed unique- or should I say are contained in unique buildings that you will not expect. There… Read more

A Modern Home with Historic Content in East Hampton, New York

  • Jul 15, 2015
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A home is designed depending on the needs of a client and the project brief they provide. This way, the… Read more

Gorgeous Blackbird House in Aspen Clad in Metal and Vertical Boards

  • Jul 12, 2015
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We are going to show you another unique home today. This house has a black interior with spectacular 30-degree views… Read more

Monroe Drive Residence in New York is Designed ‘Upside Down’

  • Jul 10, 2015
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Some homes are designed in a different manner in order to fit into the needs of the homeowners or sometimes… Read more

Modern Classic Minimalist Peruvian Beach House in Lima, Peru

  • Jul 08, 2015
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Here is another beach house that will captivate our hearts. We have seen many different beach homes already and each… Read more

Cliff House in New Zealand: Beautiful Glass House Overlooking a Gulf

  • Jul 07, 2015
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For sure, this isn’t the first time that you will see a house that is surrounded with glass. Using glass… Read more