Cliff House in New Zealand: Beautiful Glass House Overlooking a Gulf

Nothing could be better than a glass house on a cliff overlooking the gulf.

For sure, this isn’t the first time that you will see a house that is surrounded with glass. Using glass would make the house look transparent and spacious too. But before using one, the location of the house needs to be considered. One advantage of a glass house is that you can get a good view of the surroundings. What we are going to feature today is a house that used glass on its exterior.

The Cliff House is located in Auckland, New Zealand above a cliff that is overlooking Rangitoto and the Hauraki Gulf. The homeowners wanted a two-storey glass volume that could maximize the views around it while providing shelter from prevailing weather. The house has a lovely modern interior design with modern furnishings and furniture. It has a minimalist style avoiding any decors to crowd around the home. There is also a pool area outside the house.

In this photo, you can see the view from the house which is very stunning even during the night.

Auckland, New Zealand Glass is used for most parts of the house merely concealing the private spaces like the bedroom and bathroom.

living room The living area and the kitchen is just near each other which makes it easier to serve food and even wine to the guests.

pool Just off the living room is the pool area with a rectangular shape and modern design.

interior design The colors of the interior as well as the entire home use black, grey, white and silver.

open layout The interior has an open layout that is free of any elaborate decors but only simple furniture designs are seen here.

window treatment If they want to shield the space from too much light and to bring privacy to it, white shades can be pulled down.

kitchen You can see here the kitchen wherein its utensils, and dinner ware are stored in shelving with sliding glass doors.

Cliff House bedroom The bedroom also has a minimalist style with modern furniture in white.

Cliff House bathroom Even from the bathroom, one can get a good view of the waters and the entire natural surroundings.

Cliff House shower Isn’t this a stunning bathroom? It has a unique shower too!

What can you say about this modern house on a cliff? This is designed by Fearon Hay Architects and it sure looks very beautiful! I may not be a fan of a glass house because I do not want people to see what is inside my home and what we are doing inside but this house does look stunning. Well, it actually depends on the preference of the homeowners.