Modern Classic Minimalist Peruvian Beach House in Lima, Peru

How about organic ceiling materials that double as a skylight? Check this beach house that has an amazing mix of materials.

Here is another beach house that will captivate our hearts. We have seen many different beach homes already and each of them has a distinct design that we all learn to love. There are home interiors with nautical themes or have brought nature in them to reflect the beauty of a beach house. Still others stick to the modern design or even minimalism while still giving the home a touch of the beautiful beach near it.

What we will feature today is a contemporary renovation of a home near Lima, Peru. The designer’s priority in the redesign was to keep the spirit of the 20 years old existing house. The home had ample passages, oversized bathrooms and lacked many basic spaces for a beach house of its size. The design of the home has touches of minimalism while classic elements of a rustic beach house are seen in it, that giving a sense of harmony and peace to every area. It has a double height space which the designers call as “the soul of the house”. The existing structure served as an organizing element and special connector of the different areas of this beach house.

The exterior of the house has white color using sleek lines for its architecture. You can see here the garage area as well as the entrance.

Lima, Peru On the other side, a more beautiful facade can be seen which has a pool and an outdoor lounge. From here, you can see the hallway that leads to different areas of the house.

exterior You can see here that there is a rooftop garden or courtyard on the other side of the house. You can also see the use of materials like bamboo, wood, concrete and glass for the exterior.

Peruvian Beach House outdoor The house is elevated five steps from the ground where the pool and outdoor seating areas are located.

Beach House pool This is the modern geometric pool area in the house with dramatic lighting. Notice the recessed part of the wall where a bench was inserted.

ceiling It used a false ceiling cane plant that generates a shade throughout the day. Meanwhile, during the night, light spreads in the interior giving emphasis to this lovely ceiling.

window blinds The sliding blinds made from natural materials create a live facade to the house that move across the front to make different shadows.

dining area The dining area has the same ceiling material with a double height space. Note the rustic appeal of the dining set that is seen here.

Peruvian Beach House two story The house was originally one storey but was turned into a two story home. It added two extra rooms, a TV room, a bar, a BBQ bar, a pool and a large family terrace overlooking the sea.

bar area Seen here is a bar in the upper area where you can see glass railings all around.

second level Looking at this space makes me think that the fun downstairs could be extended on the upper area.

upper dine This one is the dining space on the second level which is larger and overlooks the beauty of the ocean.

Peruvian Beach House view It does look more dramatic during the night because of the effect of the ceiling as well as the lighting in the interior.

bedroom A bedroom in the beach house which is designed for many people to use. I’d guess this is for kids or for guests.

I honestly find those bamboo skylights very interesting. I just hope they don’t easily get damage with the sun and rain exposure. But with the looks of it, I can tell that there is an even more durable material on the outside and that the bamboo ceiling is just seen inside. But whatever they did to it, it was a great idea to add bamboo to a modern minimalist home, adding a natural touch in it. For sure, the DA-LAB Arquitectos made the homeowners happy with the new look of their home. All the spaces are well-organized and it looked like one could really feel relaxed while in there.