The Spectacular Strong Design of the Black Desert Mansion in Yucca Valley

While most homes have bright colors or neutral colors for the exterior and interior, our house feature for today is in black. Yes, it is all black inside and out but it isn’t as boring or dark or plain as you think it is because the Black Desert Mansion is wrapped with sophistication and beauty despite its being black. A plus to the design is its wonderful desert environment with large rocks that seemingly frame the house.

This unusual home is designed by Oller & Pejic Architecture, an architecture firm from L.A. together with Marc Atlan located in Yucca Valley, California away from the urban life. Its dark colors combines with geometric shapes which make it appear beautiful and intriguing at the same time. When seen from afar, one will really wonder what that black structure with sleek lines is. The interior of the house is filled with light and warmth as it is surrounded by large panels of glass. It’s surrounding wilderness give the house a tranquil feel perfect for the homeowner’s relaxation. When all of these features are combined, what we get is a very spectacularly and powerful house design! Let us take a look at it below.

Oller & Pejic Architecture

This picture is very beautiful showing us the contrast of colors, lines and shapes from the house to the environment.

Yucca Valley house California

The desert surrounding complements to the look of the house making it appear even more sophisticated despite its black color.

Black Desert Mansion

Seen here is the side of the house which is at a higher point. The glass panels that stand parallel to each other add some sheen to the exterior.

Spectacular home Design

We’d guess this is the rear portion of the house with a garage.

glass walls

Note the glass panels for this area which served as a wall.

swimming pool

Having a geometric swimming pool in the desert is a good idea to add a cool and wet feature.

living area design

Contemporary furniture fills the living area. But it isn’t just their style that is beautiful but even its colors.

dining area

Notice how the dining area was elevated and take a look at the modern fireplace too.

abstract dining set

A different angle of the living area showing how it was wrapped with glass exposing this interior to outside.


An interesting ceiling lighting and decor graces the dining area which is just near the kitchen.


The kitchen uses black and gray which just fitted to the motif of the house. It looks neat and sleek too!

black bathroom

The bedroom is simple and has a red accent from the side table just like what we saw in the kitchen and dining areas.

geometric patio design

From the house, one can access the pool area any time of the day!

gray vanity furnitures

The bathroom is also in black with a white and gray vanity.

geometric garden

In the middle of the house is a void and this is what you will see- a geometric planter with a single plant in it.

gate entrance

This is the gate of the house which appears like an automatic sliding gate. And yes, it is black too.

Black Mansion

While this is the staircase that contains sand in even tread.

Designer Oller & Pejic Architecture defined the house as: “The exceptional quality of silence is unparalleled and the beauty of the dark night sky borders on spiritual. Five minutes from civilization, the site nevertheless gives the sensation of being beyond time.” The house boasts straight lines that really standout from the smooth rocks that surround it. Meanwhile, the interior is uncluttered and sleek with its contemporary furniture. The Black Desert Mansion successfully created a strong contrast between the landscape and the living space. Lovely, right? Well, like what we said, this home could be dark but it sure is elegant!