A Serene Wooden Writer’s Shed in London

Every writer would want a shed like this.

Writers and artists want to spend time alone when at work because nothing could be more irritating than being disturbed when you are writing something since it will ruin your flow of thoughts and words. So, it would be nice to have a special place where you can write, draw or paint. That is why people who are into these niches would either have a room exclusive for working or a shed that is separate from home. We have featured sheds before and they all look very cute and yes, these would really let you work alone.

Today, we are going to feature a writer’s shed that was designed to be a quiet haven in the big city. The shed is designed by WSD Architecture by the owner who is an author and illustrator. The owner wanted to have a backyard shed located at the end of their property in the London Borough of Hackney. And it is obvious that the designers were able to give them what they want. Let us take a look at this sweet serene escape for creative people!

Location: London

Designer: WSD Architecture

Style: Modern

Type of Space: Apartment

Unique feature: A small writer’s shed made of wood located in a backyard which is a silent place to work for the owners.

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The shed. Isn’t it stunning? It does look very simple but I like how it is designed. With the glass sliding door with wooden frame, you can tell that this shed has a contemporary design. With that glass door, the space looks transparent.

WSD Architecture

The shed is located at the end of the backyard and it is indeed something that every writer would dream to own. Just look at that location. But I guess it would even be better if there is a beautiful garden in here.

Writer's Shed London

According to WSD Architecture, “the space is conceived as a haven in the city; a fairy-tale hut at the bottom of the garden where the client can retreat and immerse himself in his work.” And I do agree that this shed is a fairy-tale hut!

Writer's Shed London interior

When one enters the shed through a small covered deck area, one can see a small bathroom that is tucked away in the corner. Yes, the shed has its own bathroom. You can really spend your entire day in here.

Writer's Shed London skylight

And this is the desk where the writer works. There is a skylight above it to provide plenty of natural light and to keep them inspired while working. You can see that it used a shabby chic pair of furniture in here with an industrial looking reading lamp.

Writer's Shed London bookshelf

The entire back wall in the shed has been fitted out with a custom-designed bookshelf. In the center is a fireplace that brings warmth to the area.

Writer's Shed London fireplace

What you can see here is wood burning fireplace that doesn’t just keep the shed warm but it also adds appeal to the space. It brings a cozy feel to the area which can be good for a writer.

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Writer's Shed London tiny cut-out window

Seen here is a tiny cut-out window that is perfectly framed like it is part of the bookshelf. Isn’t it very nice? It sure is!

Writer's Shed London small sink

There is also a small sink for washing hands and painting brushes because the writer is also an illustrator. And it would be important to have a sink to get water and change the dirty water after painting.

Writer's Shed London exterior cedar wood

This is a close-up look at some of the exterior cedar wood detailing of the shed. Looking great, right?

Writer's Shed London firewood

Seen here is a small section that is intended for storing wood for the fireplace. Aside from being a firewood storage space, it also looks great as an added decor in the shed.

I honestly want one! It would be very nice to work undisturbed in a quiet and warm place like this writer’s shed designed by WSD Architecture. If only I have a lot area to make a shed, I would really make one. But for now, let us just be inspired with this shed in London and consider this as a project that we would try to make in the future. Seriously, this is cool stuff! Aside from the wooden exterior, I like how it is designed in the interior with a feeling that you are in a warm place and that you are seemingly far away from the busy life. It would really be nice to be in here!