Tiny Brooklyn Garden Studio: Perfect Escape in Your Own Backyard

A small garden studio with a green roof and skylights right at the backyard near a townhouse.

There are times when you want to go far from the frenzy city and just relax away from all the city noise. That is why others prefer to travel far during weekends to get to rural areas or to mountains or to anywhere that is surrounded with trees and plants. That way, they can unwind and de-stress. But in truth, you don’t need to go far. You can actually spend that time in your own backyard by creating an abode that will allow you to escape the city. You can create your own space where you can read books, relax or even feel like you are living far from home even if in truth you are just a few steps away from it.

We have seen many tiny homes which are complete with everything we need for a home. But there are also some structures that can be built merely for relaxation on a tiny space. New York firm hunt Architecture has designed a small retreat in a Boerum Hill backyard which has a humble beauty that anyone would love to possess. Using standard wood, this garden studio in a townhouse in Brooklyn, New York offers an escape from the busy city. The garden studio features a mini-green roof which also appears like a grown-up version of a tree house, only that it isn’t built on top of a tree.

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Designer: Hunt Architecture

Style: Modern

Type of Space: Garden Studio

Unique feature: A small garden studio that has a green roof and skylights. It looks aesthetically appealing and has certain functions despite its small space.

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The studio is considered a perfect area for disconnecting, reading, meditating, or even sleeping overnight, the cabin’s only missing detail is that there is no toilet, but the entire Brooklyn townhouse is just steps away.

Hunt Architecture

It doesn’t need a toilet or a kitchen since it is merely a few steps away from the townhouse which is the main home. And it has electricity too which means you can do certain activities while in there.

modern home

The studio may be small but it has certain functions you won’t expect. A skylight is added that lets plenty of natural light into the space.

Brooklyn Garden Studio

Made of wood, it has an appealing design that looks modern. It retained the texture of wood instead of painting it.

Brooklyn Garden Studio design

Small windows are seen in the studio which provides views to the backyard. It used white paint for the interior to make it look brighter. Notice that the space is really small indeed.

Brooklyn Garden Studio interior

The clean, white interior just fits a small twin-sized bed, chair, low table, fluffy carpet, and a lamp.

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Brooklyn Garden Studio bed

One can also sleep in the shed which makes them feel like having camping. Or if you want some alone time, you can spend a night here.

Brooklyn Garden Studio wooden materials

With the man inside we are given an idea of how small the space really is but despite the small area, some decors were added like the plants and the wall art.

Brooklyn Garden Studio window

A long rectangular window was placed on one of the facades, allowing some views of the garden and main house.

Brooklyn Garden Studio exterior

To make this humble shack, the architects built a wooden platform that rests on fat concrete bricks. This cabin uses vertical wooden planks and has an inclined roof that is half planted/half skylight.

Brooklyn Garden Studio cross section

Seen here is the cross section of the garden studio. It is indeed a small space but it can already offer whatever you need to rest, sleep and live.

Brooklyn Garden Studio floor plan

In this floor plan, you can also see the main house which is just a few steps from the garden studio.

Isn’t this cute? So, the next time you decide to go far just to relax, why not spend some weekends building a cozy space like this in your very own backyard? For sure, your efforts will pay off because you will get a space as nice as this. This garden studio is designed byHunt Architecture which isn’t just pleasing in terms of aesthetics but is also environmental friendly since it features a green roof and some skylight so that natural light can enter the small space.