Spectacular Views and Experience in Villa Lugano in Lugano, Italy

A beautiful contemporary house with a powerful visual statement.

Why is it that the design of the landscape matters in building and designing your own house? Does it really matter in achieving not just the best design of the house but also the comfort that you want to achieve in every parts of the house? Yes is it definitely true that the exterior of the house adds comfort and elegance in the house. The important design of the exterior plays the vital role in providing the best comfort and charm in the home. The client may take the full advantage of the beautiful landscape in the outdoor areas while sitting or relaxing in the living room. Today, we will show you the different parts of the contemporary residence spotted in Lugano, Italy. This house is named as the Villa Lugano which obviously its name is originated from the name of its location. The designer of this house made sure that they can present and deliver the majestic views in the outdoor areas of the house.

Overlooking the lake, the hillside landscape and the magnificent landscape certainly will captivate the heart of the clients and its guests. Villa Lugano has three-level home in reinforced concrete that features an array of open spaces which optimize the connection with the outdoor spaces. The terraces, balconies and the footbridges keeps the interiors always connected to the magic of the Lake Lugano. The rectangular volumes combine to create a massive home design, and one that adds a highly contemporary feel to this city area. Let us explore more of the different parts of this house, it’s interior and exterior through the images below:

Location: Lugano, Italy

Designer: Angelo Pozzoli

Style: Contemporary

Number of Levels: Three-Story

Unique feature: This house uniquely presented the effective connection of the exterior to the interiors. The spectacular private home shows its strong relation to the magic of the Lake Lugano. The spiral staircase as the heart of the interiors considered as one of the best features of the house.

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italy You may see how the landscape amazingly underlines the well-trimmed plants and geometrical forms of the house building. The three levels of the house are also emphasized here with the glassed frame in the terraces.

Villa Lugano Front Exterior 1 Textures, patterns and lines are combined in order to make this house walls and buildings becomes more attractive. Creative combination of these different forms reveals its extraordinary design.

italy Terrace The designer utilized the glassed frame in the terrace so that the client can also fully enjoy the panoramic views in the surrounding.

Villa house Entrance At the entrance, the designer also combines the light and dark colors that will be perfect for a modern architecture design. The lighting system also improves the look of this space.

Villa italy Dining-Kitchen Space Here you can see how the designer made use of the modern furniture and fixtures that shows the elegance and stylish design of the kitchen and dining space.

Kitchen vila Lighting system is very important in the kitchen space. The grey and white color blended well with the stainless equipment utilized here.

Lugano Dining Area Villa Elegant chandelier graced the stylish design of this table set in this dining space. The client may still enjoy the outside views through the glassed walls utilized in the building.

Lugano Staircase Villa Here is the spiral staircase that enhances the look of the interiors. This connects the three levels of the house that will allow the client to explore more of the interiors.

Second Floor At the third level of the house, you can see the modern and stylish design of the furniture with the lighting system employ in every part of it.

Bathroom Space Even the bathroom shows its elegance through the modern fixtures, lighting system and warm colored paints here. The lighting system sets the romantic mood in this bathroom that may certainly provide comfort.

Modern Fixtures A shower area is also designated in this spacious bathroom. Modern designed furniture blended well with the color of the curtain and the paints apply in the ceilings and walls.

Interior Spaces Remarkable curves and colorful palette made this interior artistic and luxurious. The red color of the cabinet match perfectly with the grey walls.

Villa Lugano Interiors 2 The designer’s application of the lighting system made this house luxurious and stunning. The accessories and decors are emphasized with the use of the LED lights installed in every corner.

Front Pool Here is the indoor swimming pool that will allow the client to fully enjoy not just the exterior of the house but its interiors also. LED lights installed in every corner of the pool area highlighted its luxury and charm.

Patio At night, the designer installed this fireplace in order to keep the warm and enchanting experience in the exterior. This adds comfort and made this house stand out among the other houses here.

Lugano Exterior at Night Even at night, the geometrical forms of these three level houses reveals its remarkable design and modern architecture.

As we have seen the different parts of the house, we can say that the Angelo Pozzoli has successfully employed the importance of the landscape and the other parts of the exterior in order to present a comfortable and enchanting experience to the clients and their guests. Sufficient supply of sustainable lights enhances the mood and setting in the interiors. The three level house building can definitely expose the contemporary design of the house. The spiral staircase is the heart of the house where it can show a very powerful visual statement. We hope that we have shared another set of ideas and inspiration for you to use in your dream house in the future.