Shelton Residence of Kansas City Features Terraced Gardens and a Sunken Courtyard

Whether your house is blessed with plenty of lot area or not, it is nice to always consider adding plants inside and outside the home. This could bring in a refreshing feel into the home and would no doubt make the family feel relaxed.

Do you agree?

Even the mere sight of green plants can already make us feel better. How much more if you can be surrounded by plants, trees, and beautiful flowers!

Isn’t it good if you can actually have your own garden in the house?

Yes, of course! There are more than one ways to do that and today, we are going to show you a house design which is very inspiring in terms of landscaping and outdoor design.

Today, we will feature a project from architecture firm El Dorado Inc. for a modern house design that is built into a sloped urban site.

But what makes it unique is how its landscaping is done.

Check out the house below:

Location: Kansas City, Missouri

Designer: El Dorado Inc.

Style: Modern

Number of Levels: Two-storey

Unique feature: A simple modern house design with an amazing outdoor space feature a terraced garden and a sunken courtyard.

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The Shelton Residence is built into a sloping site in Kansas City’s Westside neighborhood. The house has a U-shaped plan that encloses terraced gardens and a sunken entry courtyard. The courtyard allows the entry of natural light into each wing of the house and it provides natural ventilation to every room.

El Dorado Inc.

The main entrance to the house is from the alleyway that is roughly level with the rooftop. The roof of the house provides an even better view than the porch. You can also see here that the fence of the house has the same materials with the home’s exterior.

Shelton Residence

Located next to the garage is a back patio where an outdoor cedar soaking tub and a detached studio space with a steam shower is located. There is also a covered porch in the west facade of the house which hovers off of the limestone bluff twenty feet above street level. It overlooks the Westside treetops and the steep incline of Madison Avenue.

Shelton Residence interior

Large sliding glass and screen doors are used all throughout the house. It connects the kitchen, dining room and the living room to the courtyard and the porch. It can also provide the entire house with sufficient cross ventilation from morning till night.

Shelton Residence kitchen

Seen here is the kitchen which is located next to the entryway. Navy blue cabinets run the length of the wall which is topped with white counters in the kitchen. There are wooden counters that help to define the dining area.

Shelton Residence cabinet

One attractive feature in the interior is this cabinet. It showcases a burst of color with bright pink and purple cabinetry. There is also a pocket door in the laundry while a hidden lighting in the ceiling creates ambient lighting.

Shelton Residence bedroom

A light and airy master bedroom which uses white, light colored walls and light wood. It is nice that it used simple black and white artworks that also made use of lightwood frames.

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Shelton Residence loft bed

This one is the kids’ bedrooms which have been designed to be flexible. It can either be opened up to one another or the curtains can be closed to provide more privacy. Each bedroom features a hand-crafted loft bed that also doubles as an open closet and a homework station. Isn’t that nice?

Shelton Residence bathroom

Seen here is the master bathroom with small square tiles that cover the walls. It has a frosted glass screen which separates the bath/shower from the toilet and vanity.

Shelton Residence balcony

The master bedroom, which we have shown you in one of the images above, has access to the porch that overlooks the landscape below it. Isn’t this a nice place to relax?

Shelton Residence landscape

This is the highlight of the house- a terraced garden and a sunken courtyard. We are impressed with the way this outdoor area was designed.

Shelton Residence roof

From the backyard and detached studio, the rooftop and the ‘U’ shape of the main house can be seen. Notice that there are also plants on the rooftop.

Shelton Residence garden fire pit

This is an entry courtyard that dips 6 feet below the backyard. Along the stairs is a terraced garden while a firepit welcomes guests to the home.

Shelton Residence steps

Another view of the home’s outdoor area including its rooftop garden. It is apparent that this one needed a lot of planning from the layout to the selection of plants. But it sure is worth the time and effort because it turned out really amazing!

The house is designed by El Dorado Inc. which aims to achieve maximum energy efficiency with solar screening. It also used a super-insulated building envelope, in-line water heating, reclaimed lumber siding, and radiant floor heating. Because of this, the house isn’t just beautiful but it is also sustainable. This makes it an ideal home for anyone who aims to own a house that is environment-friendly, beautiful, and comfortable at the same time. For sure, you love the outdoor space of this house because of how creative it is. Can you tell me which features of the house you would apply in your own home?