The Mind-Blowing Experience Appreciated in the Collector’s Villa in Thailand

When world-class designers work together, expect a breathtaking masterpiece!

What will you expect when a house project is completed and designed with the help of different brilliant designers? Do you think that an extraordinary and elegant feature will be displayed in that house design? Well, today we will see how the designers provided their efforts in order to come up with a truly enchanting and luxurious house design. This villa is a part of Iniala Beach House which is stunningly spotted in Phanga Nga Province, Thailand. Talking about Iniala Beach House, this is comprised of three amazingly beautiful villas (each with three suites) and one spectacular penthouse suite. The residence is actually a masterpiece of design fusing traditional Thai architecture with organic contemporary forms. The designers who made these villas are considered to be world-renowned designers. In fact you can see that in every bedroom and living space is completely different.

This beach house has ten bedrooms spread over three individual villas and a spectacular penthouse. Every bedroom and living space reveals a unique expression from the master’s of contemporary design from all over the world. The Collector’s Villa is considered to be the most extravagant villa at Iniala. Breathtaking views in each room can be seen as intended by the designers. It features a seashell theme in the interiors, as the spa in the villa is composed of walls, floors and ceiling coated with mother of pearl, while the floor to ceiling window overlooks the Zen garden. Let us check the different remarkable areas of the villa through the images below.

Location: Phang Nga Province, Thailand

Designer: Estudio Campana, A-cero, Jaime Hayón, Mark Brazier-Jones & Joseph Walsh

Style: Modern

Number of Levels: One Storey with Three Villas

Unique feature: This villa uniquely displays the different mind-blowing designs appreciated in each area in the interiors. Splendid planning and designs were successfully employed just to present a very eye-catching and contemporary qualities of a villa that we have dreamed of.

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Collector's Villa Exterior 1

Staggering features and characters of this villa can still be witnessed even at night. The fascinating lights and forms of the house structure are highlighted in the exterior and interiors.

Collector's Villa Exterior 2

As you enter the villa, fresh and cool water in the pool may certainly speak of comfort and charm. The wooden elements are very effective in combining with the concrete materials here.

Collector's Villa Exterior 3

Elegant and natural looking features of the furniture gracefully displayed the comfort and charming living space here. The warm colors of the chairs and tables complements with the color of the curtain and the walls, too.

Collector's Villa Exterior 4

Native elements highlighted in the furniture, kitchen wares and utensils arranged in the wooden table in this swimming pool area. The fascinating look of the beach and the white umbrellas here ensures the relaxing views and experience.

Collector's Villa Interior 1

Here is the spa in the Collector’s Villa which composed of walls, floors and ceiling covered with the mother pearl and the floor to ceiling windows that can fully take the advantage of the Zen Garden. We can undeniably claim the luxurious effect of the bronze shelves and mirrors here.

Collector's Villa Interior 2

Take a look at the cinema seats that can accommodate guests and its walls are lined with real coconut skin. The remarkable large screen and the state-of-the-art sounds may ensure the authentic cinema experience for the family and its guests as well.

Collector's Villa Bedroom 1

Here is the bright owner’s suite which can provide a very welcoming experience. Comfortable and relaxing views are always expected from the open walls and garden outside.

Collector's Villa Bedroom 2

Extraordinary design of this bed matters the most in achieving the elegant and staggering concept of the bedroom as a whole. Sustainable light may still access this area for its glassed walls and sliding door, too.

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Collector's Villa Bedroom 3

LED lights, gold and oceanic green color of the furniture blended well with the grey tiled floors and spectacular seats here. We can undeniably say that real comfort and unique ambiance may be highlighted in this bedroom.

Collector's Villa Interior 3

Looking closely at the gold and green color combination of the furniture in these large mirrors, we can say that this place may offer the most amazing and relaxing treats here.

Colletor's Villa Interior 4

Here’s the modern and elegant golden mirror that seems like a sun placed in the center of this spa room. The white mosaic tiled walls also harmonized with the huge paintings hanged in the wall.

Collector's Villa Bathroom 1

See how this bathroom boasts a freestanding bathtub and Carrera marble all over the space. Elegant lights are also installed in the corners to ensure the relaxing space in this area.

Collector's Villa Bathroom 2

Curves, forms and smooth textures are highlighted in this unique and modern bathroom. The stylish and trendy fixtures are utilized in this area to emphasize its extraordinary character.

Collector's Villa Pool 1

At night, the fascinating lights in the pool area can still underline its role in making this lovelier and more charming.

Collector's Villa Pool 2

Lines and forms are carefully observed from the wooden tiles and swimming pool. Sunset experience adds more comfort and peaceful feeling in the entire area.

Collector's Villa Pool 3

Mind-blowing experience may be achieved by staying at the pool area even at late afternoon. The tropical theme in the surroundings adds more fashion and style in this space. Collector’s Villa was completed jointly by Estudio Campana.