Villa Veth-An Exquisitely Designed House

Most of our ideal houses nowadays are modernized and customized designed villa. When we usually come to think of a private residence for a family of four and one thing that pops up in our mind is a house like Villa Veth. Its design is really captivating that creates a cool hunter effect as you can see on its colors and location. However, this is mainly sited on a large section of land by forest in the vicinity of a peaceful town of Hattern which is located in the Eastern part of Netherlands.

Same as the other houses, Villa Veth has an ideal setting if you are interested to a place like outdoors same as the people who are living in this villa in Hattern. Aside from the artistic design and the skillful hands of the designer that made this Villa superb from the others, there are still other enormous things that can be seen inside and outside the house.

Now, let’s take a look of this lovely home and its sections like in the terrace that you may even see the sun in it. It is one of the many reasons why people are truly intimidated of its beauty. You may or may not consider this as one of your collections of expensive houses but at least you may keep this in mind that it is appealing. Let us take a look at the Villa Veth House.

Villa Veth

Separated into two dimensions, the master’s bedroom and the children’s bedroom are clearly illuminated in this glass-made wall.


The parking creatively occupies an area to maximize the available space.

lawn area

The curved glass wall welcomed the residents straightly to the classical design of Villa Veth.

glass wall

The sun’s rays highlighted the location of the living room as well as the master’s bedroom.


As we take a look on it closer, can we possibly say that this living room and the bedroom are truly cozy?

white sofa set

The light clearly emphasized the high quality of the furniture skillfully arranged inside the living room.

decking space

This is the way to an area where you can see the perfect curved wall made in glass flawlessly showing the green attraction from the outside.

minimal kitchen design

The plain white paint creates an outstanding work-of-art in this kitchen despite its simplicity as it stressed out every part of it.


The wooden made doors and floors elegantly invites the homeowners to relax and unwind in this cozy bathroom.

interior lighting

We can see the more spacious view of the kitchen all the way to the wine bar inside the living room.

kitchen design

The kitchen is neat and clean because of the white paint and the arrangement of the furniture.

exterior area

The exterior area of the Villa Veth designed in three dimensional views.

lawn design

The bird’s eye view perspective created in three dimensional setting is pointed out here.

cross section design

A miniature design plan of the interior view of the Villa Veth.

Villa Veth

The 3d exterior design plan illustrated in miniature.

Modernized and customized villa like the Villa Veth by Liong Lie of the Rotterdam-based 123 DV can be considered in line of the outnumbered modern contemporary houses that are indeed remarkably designed.

The combination of the classical beauty that shows a peaceful and calm environment of Villa Veth is made because of the green plants and trees that surrounded it plus the witty and talented minds of the designers that formed a really great work of an art. Certainly, you will keep this as one your treasured inspiration, right?