Unique Contemporary Minimalist Desert Wing in Arizona

What we are going to show you today is a house in the desert with a unique modern design. I can remember that we have featured other unique homes in the desert before too as they tried to blend in with its surrounding. Today, we will feature a house called the Desert Wing. You will understand why it is called this way as its roof is formed like the wings.

Located in Desert Mountain in North Scottsdale, Arizona is the Desert Wing that hovers over the High Sonoran desert on a one-acre golf course lot. It has a contemporary minimalist vision with a design inspired by the natural environment. Views of the outdoor area was enhanced while eliminating the view of adjacent homes. The design of the house is also an answer to the owner’s desire to have a “see-through home with a high level of privacy”. The home is split into two zones, one is for the couple requiring a very low maintenance lifestyle while the other zone is for their extensive family and friends who often visit the Arizona.

Indeed, the home stands with pride because of its unique design while rising up from the desert floor.

North Scottsdale, Arizona The colors it used complements with the natural environment around it.

Desert Wing Aside from sand and stone, there is a body of water just near it. Look at those ducks!

unique roof From this side, you can see around form for the walls while still taking a glimpse of the wing-shaped roof.

wooden steel gate A huge wooden and steel gate will lead you to the entrance of the house.

glass wall Once inside, you will be greeted with a glass walled residence.

living room with fireplace The living area opens up to the beauty of nature just like what you can see here. The interior also has Earth tones too.

living room We can see that the house indeed achieved the desires of the owner to get a see-through home.

interior design Glossy flooring is a perfect contrast to the concrete finish on some areas of the interior.

black dining set Printed dining chairs bring in a graphical touch to the dining space.

kitchen island Seen here is the kitchen area. Note that it doesn’t touch the ceiling making it look more spacious.

staircase Take a glimpse of the staircase that leads to the upper area of the house.

bathroom sink And this is the bathroom that also has an edgy and sleek design.

swimming pool Outside, you can see this concrete pool area with a fountain.

pool side And yes, it has a contemporary look too with a feature wall where the water fountain is installed.

outdoor fireplace What a wonderful view of the sunset! This courtyard will certainly make you feel relaxed with the fusion of fire and water.

garden patio You can see that the house also had a spacious outdoor area so one can have a great bonding with nature.

Desert Wing One last look at this gorgeous house in the desert with all the amenities one would need for a home!

The materials used for the house isn’t just based on the inherent beauty and low maintenance but for their indigenous qualities too. Copper clad bold roof forms that seem to float above indoor and outdoor living spaces. It also used rammed Earth walls made of soil excavated from the site that echoes the forms of the surrounding mountain range. With this, Kendall Design Collaborative was able to come up with a home that “truly is in harmony with its site and is expressive of its unique place in the world”.