A Closer Look at the Flat 40 House in Japan

Today we will be showcasing a private residence which was built in a downtown called Imabari City located in Northeast Ehime Prefecture which is connected to Onomide City in Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. This residential house is completed during the season of spring this year. That is why the flower petals flutter from the peach tree in the patio. Also this has a remarkable interior and exterior despite of the client’s request for privacy.

The client is composed of a couple and two children. The location of the house is near the seven-story apartment building which towers on the south side of the property. The designers concern was how to block the line of the vision from the apartment building and yet maintain its privacy. But of course the designer considers ensuring sufficient light and ventilation inside the house.

So according to the designer, they adopted the Ukikabe kind of structural feature for it has a floating screen wall which is suspended above the ground 1.5 meters away from the exterior of the residence. The concrete wall used here is said to be one of the most important features. It has one level and has considered the structural requirements of the wall and the habitability of the house. Well, why don’t we check the interior and exterior of this Flat 40 by looking at the images below.

Flat House

The geometrical shape and volume of the house is uniquely designed in the middle of this beautiful houses.

Flat House Japan

The white palette used in the building of this house can simply define that plainness and simplicity is beauty.

cherry blossoms indoor

Behind this tree and plants is the rectangular swimming pool where the client may take a rest for a while.

concrete outdoor stairs

The stairs made up of cement jives perfectly with the walls and stone in this area.

living room

Let’s take a look at the center table that seems like customized as it really matched with the texture and lines of the floors and ceilings.


Even in the kitchen the client may still enjoy the attractive exterior and swimming pool area because of its glassed walls.


The simple chandelier above this dining table adds more artistic elements in the dining area.

hallway lightings

By putting plants in the interior, a connection between the interior and the exterior is established.

horizontal plank wall

The horizontal and vertical lines in the wooden materials used in the walls and the cabinets can create a rough texture.

glass wall

In the morning the coolness and refreshing water in the pool seems to invite the client to take its full advantage.

sofa design

The design and shape of this sofa shows how the designer carefully conceptualized the furniture and accessories in the house.


While at night the designer decided to install a fireplace in this area to provide warmth and a different ambiance here.


The lights installed here highlighted the simple bed and furniture.

Furniture design

The huge chandelier in this space makes this area a comfortable one.

bedroom design

With a limited space bedroom like this, the client can still have the chance to work even at home.


The color of the water in this swimming pool reflects the color of the sky.

outdoor lighting

The flat building in this exterior can really catch the attention of many people in the place.

Flat House Exterior

The LED lights installed in the exterior can still underline the elegant garage here.

Seeing the images of this incredible residential house, we may say that it clearly explains why the Ukikabe structures solve a number of common issues encountered in this house. With this, it allows the ample light and proper ventilation in the entire house while it maintains its privacy and security. Also it truly describes an ultimate ideal living environment as you can see on Its indoor rooms which are set up based on the Ukikabe concept as well as the wood-grained ceiling which was utilized successfully in the entire house. Hence the concept chosen by the Keisuke Kawaguchi+K2-Design not just matched the design of the house but also fitted to the preferred style and comfort which was requested by the client.