Lovely Views of the San Francisco Bay from the Tiburon Residence

Aside from the design of the house, the views and the surroundings of the home also matters for it can affect the feel of the entire dwelling. The aura has great impact to the emotions and mood of those occupying the house. That is why, it is also important to have a good view around the home which could include the garden and even the mountains, waters and others. Today, we will give you another house design that sits on a higher ground allowing it a perfect view of nature.

This is called the Tiburon Residence which is a two level contemporary home situated in the town of Tiburon, just outside of San Francisco, California. Nick Noyes Architecture said that “this new residence diagrammatically consists of two bars connected by a transparent zone which links a protected and serene entry/pool garden to the north and a terrace with expansive views to the south. Crisp detailing defines a simple interior palette of polished stone flooring, anigre wood, painted wood, and gypsum board – exterior finishes are limited to cement plaster, stained cedar, stainless steel, and anodized aluminum windows and doors.” Let us take a look at the images of the house below:

Nick Noyes Architecture

What more would you ask for if your house is as lovely as this? Sleek modern lines, relaxing views, gorgeous landscaping and all!

San Francisco, California

Aside from the sleek design of the house, it also has a beautiful landscaping around it which is a plus from the panoramic views one could get from here.


We love the look of this living room which has an eclectic approach by mixing and matching furniture.

Lovely home Views

Concrete, glass, steel, and wood were combined well to come up with the gorgeous design of this house. Look at the open layout too which makes it so cozy and airy.

San Francisco Bay

Like what we said, the house is blessed with lovely views and we can see a part of that here.

kitchen design

Adding red high counter chairs bring in some bold colors to this kitchen.

kitchen island

The kitchen is as modern as what we expect it to be. The white island that contains the range is just charming.


What a bedroom! It may look simple in white and wood but yes, this is the kind of bedroom that most of dream us.


This beautiful glass door with fixed glass window is a good way to entice guests to get in!

double sink design

The powder area boasts a vanity with wooden cabinet and white countertop. It leads to a terrace too!

landing second floor

The landing for the upper level looks as neat as this!

indoor lighting

One side of the house which has a lower level and smaller volume containing the living room and dining room.


This one shows the elevation of the house where we can get a clearer view of how the pool was actually designed.

We know you love this modern house design by Nick Noyes Architecture because we love it too! One would really fell relaxed while in the house whether you are outside or inside. We also love the design of the pool which we have clearly seen in the above image. Well, there are lots of features of the house that have certainly impressed us. We hope we were able to give you another inspiring house design today! Share this post to your friends too!