Unearth the Promising Views of the Belvedere Residence in San Francisco

Not only the architecture of the Belvedere Residence is captivating but even the views around it.

Glass materials play a crucial role in making the house modern and classy. These materials may also provide not just luxurious effect but a great advantage for the client to fully view the environment. Panoramic views and tall trees always create an effective means of relaxing and a comfortable mood to the homeowners. Today, we will see how the designer creatively built an exceptional house design that overlooks the San Francisco Bay.

This house is named as the Belvedere Residence. According to the designer, the client requested to customize their home that may captivate the light as well as the promising views of the surroundings. The homeowner strongly believed that they can celebrate the beauty and happy life together while accessing the natural charm of the environment. Let’s see the different spaces of the house through the set of images below.

Belvedere Residence Let us take a look at the house buildings for its unique shapes and texture that may truly stand out among the others.

Polsky Perlstein Architects A closer look at the well groomed plants which perfectly jives with the walls in the house buildings.

Contemporary House See the amazing curves and glass materials in the frames of this terrace in different levels explains its exceptional design.

Belvedere Residence As you entered the house, you may instantly see the fashionable furniture ad this innovative fire place.

Modern Furniture The rough texture of the wall art in the interior creates a balance between the smooth surface of the furniture and the floors and walls here.

San Francisco Bay From this modern living space, the homeowner can fully take advantage of the San Francisco Bay.

Belvedere Residence Oh, what a lovely chandelier it is! It truly emphasize its luxurious design and concept in this dining space.

Modern Furniture Spacious and accessible to the panoramic views is what this home office is proud of.

Contemporary House Cool and cozy kitchen is graced with this high technological equipment with this lovely lamps.

Modern Furniture When the day is over, this living space’s fire place ensure the comfort and great ambiance that jives with the views outside.

San Francisco Even in the exterior, the fireplace amazingly underlines its charm and sophistication.

Contemporary House Here is the built in dressing area with the client’s collection of glamorous shoes.

Modern Furniture Here is the elegant and staircase that incredibly match with the extraordinary and modern chandeliers.

San Francisco Bay Huge bed is enough to ensure comfort in this modern and classy bedroom with free access to the San Francisco Bay.

Belvedere Residence Spacious bathroom also reveal the sophisticated bath tub in this bathroom that is accessible by sustainable lights and the exteriors.

Luxurious Lights Have a look at the consistent shapes and designs of these two sinks and mirrors in the powder area of this house.

Contemporary House Wall arts harmonized with the brick walls in this spacious zone.

Luxurious Lights Having this modern and stylish chairs may completely allow the client to feel the real sense of relaxation under the sun and near the bay.

San Francisco Bay A promise of peace and tranquility is specially offered in this lovely patio space in the house.

Polsky Perlstein Architects At night, the LED lights employ in the interior made this house elegant and luxurious.

From the above images, we can see how the Polsky Perlstein Architects maximize the space in the main level which reveal its continuous windows and doors on the western elevation opening to a spacious terrace with sweeping views from the Golden Gate Bridge to Mt. Tamalpais. I personally like how the designer strategically utilized the elliptical volume that serves as the central hall satisfying the client’s wish to own an entry tower. We hope that we gave you another set of inspiring designs and ideas that will guide you in making your house closer to the environment.