The Breathtaking Views of Liberty Villa in Phuket, Thailand

Situated in northwest coastline of Phuket, Thailand is a luxurious villa that offers impressive views of the sea. The interior of this house also recommends comfort and freedom from stressful days in the office work. This is popularly known as Liberty Villa. It is specifically located within the Jomchang Estate, on the Kamala headland which is along the Millionaires’ Mile. Well, this villa lies on five separate oceans in opposite levels and connected with elevators and marble staircases.

This Liberty Villa has so many features to offer and one of those is the private man-made beach, making it one of the most exclusive villas in Asia. This displays a modern Asian style that blends seamlessly with Western design for its functions in order to show a more superior, contemporary tropical vacation for the families. This has six huge bedrooms, a big cinema for the nights in and a large entertainment room that is best venue for parties.

While when we take a look at the master European and Thai Kitchen you will see the newest amenities and appliances that will certainly provide the most delicious meal for the client. This has a private living area that is overseeing the Andaman Sea with its breathtaking views and peaceful ambiance. Now let’s take a look at the different angles of the interior and exterior images of this stunning Liberty Villa below.

Liberty Villa

Take a look at the Liberty Villa in bird’s eye view and you will realize how the designer carefully built it on the mountain side.

Breathtaking house Views

The blue cool color of the ocean complements with the astounding lap pool in this villa.

Thailand home design

The swimming pool in this villa can be accessed through the living interior as it opens its sliding glass door.

brick roof

See how the bricks in the roof display the different textures and colors.


To reach the different areas of the mountain and terraces you may use this wooden steps/stairs to connect you to the exterior as well.

outdoor bench set

Here is one of the most comfortable areas in the villa where you can see the large rocks in the exterior.


Marbles and tiles are used here together with the green plants to show a contemporary design of the exterior.

Entertainment room

The red velvet tiles used in the walls of this living room mirrors the traditional color of Asian countries.


Here is the modern kitchen that showcases the most innovative types of appliances.

Dining Room

High quality materials of tables and chairs is set in this dining area that made it look lovelier.


A contemporary design and style is applied here by the designer as the wood and glass as the main elements here.

blue bedroom

The sky blue color of tiles used here is perfect with this wooden material as it provides a peaceful look in this bedroom.

guest room

This chic twin bed in this large bedroom can accommodate large members of the family.

ocean view bedroom

The brown curtains is matched with the white and brown mattress and pillows in the bed.

red bedroom

The smooth wooden flooring in this bedroom assures comfort and warmth here.


This is the traditional Asian bathroom and you may see the latest fixtures used by the designer to maintain its modern theme.

red Bathroom

Lets take another look at this brown and beige tiled bathroom where you can see how the designer installed the led bulb to make it elegant.

classic bathroom

As you can see, the red velvet tiles and glass materials is used in this bathroom that shows simplicity and elegance.

billiard set

With the red billiard pool set, this entertainment area will give an option to the homeowner whether watching movies or playing billiard with the family.

Liberty Villa

Here is the spa where the client can feel the freedom from busy life in the city.

No doubt this Liberty Villa is one of the best villas in Asia that will assure the client to experience the most unforgettable vacation on whatever special holidays that you will be celebrating with your family. As we can see the image of the living space, it is big enough for the huge family members especially that this has a 1213 square meters area. Aside from that, the incredible blue coral beach and the panoramic views is seen in the terrace. With that we can say that the designer was able to brilliantly expose the amazing and luxurious villa in Thailand that will surely free the client from worries and stress. Comfort, peace and serenity will possibly be experienced in Liberty Villa, right?