Skyhouse: A Unique Home with Rock Climbing Columns and Metallic Slides

Modern homes are really unique because aside from its use of sleek and straight lines, it has incorporated technology to its design. There were also houses that added different twists to the designs. Even the structures are intelligently analyzed like how cantilevered homes or suspended house designs are created. But aside from that, there are homes that went beyond the usual designs like the Skyhouse penthouse in Lower Manhattan, New York City.

This penthouse is located on the top four floors of a skyscraper in Lower Manhattan. The place was completed in 1896 as the headquarters of American Tract Society and it remains standing to this date. What make it a good choice for the penthouse are the panoramic views of the urban landscape that includes the Brooklyn Bridge, St.Paul’s Chapel and the Empire State Building. Instead of stairs, this penthouse has rock climbing walls and metallic tubular slides used to navigate areas of the house. But there are also some stairs inside in the house. Isn’t that amazing?

The interior design of this penthouse is also impressively done. All the areas of the house can be fully utilized including the mezzanine nooks, alcoves and annexes. In the living room, one will find a fully-functional climbing column that is 50 feet (15 meter) high. Above the living room is a floral lounge where one can relax while overlooking at the impressive views of the city. On the upper-most floors are angular bedrooms in white and muted neon. The modern interior of this penthouse looks unique because of the wall climbing column and the 80 feet (34 meter) slide that sprawls throughout the home’s interior. Let us take a look at the Skyhouse below. Also, you will be able to see a video of the house.

Skyhouse design

This is the area that welcomes the visitors to the Skyhouse. This private elevator landing would lead you to a stairwell towards the penthouse.

Unique Home design

In this living room, one could already see the metallic slide which is the exit point.

Metallic Slides

Now you can see more of the living room with gray sofa and a large television. Notice also the slide that swirls on the side.


The tube passes a bedroom on the third level. This one looks like a bedroom for the children.


The slide starts at the attic which is seen in this image and ends in the living room.

living room

Now this is where one exits from the attic. This is the area in the living room.


The stairwell is all in white like the colors of the penthouse. It also made use of glass materials everywhere.


The mezzanine is comprised of a floral lounge where one can get a private space while relaxing or reading a book. One can get here through the rock climbing column.

Rock Climbing Columns

To get to the upper areas of the penthouse, one would need to climb it.


When you look up the penthouse, this is what you will see. Well, that is really a long way to go!


Like the rest of the house, this bedroom is in white with orange accents in it.


The hallway leading to the stairwell and the private elevator landing looks totally neat.


The top most area is this attic. This sure is a serene place to rest!

Home Office

House offices are located on the second floor which includes this space. One can also take a look at the lower area for this space has glass on them that would allow one to see what’s going on below.

Skyhouse design

The skyscraper is where this unique penthouse is located. Outside, no one would expect that there is a great wonder waiting at the top.

This is a unique, light and airy home especially with its choice of colors. The use of white and accents of orange and green creates a modern contemporary space. But what set this apart to any home are the rock-climbing columns and the metallic slide. This could not be suitable to everyone but for the homeowners, it is the kind of living they want. The design was cleverly done by Architect David Hotson and Interior Designer Ghislaine Viñas. We would give them a standing ovation for the design of the Skyhouse!