Ultra-High Efficiency Windows Employ in the West 21st House in Vancouver, Canada

Free accessibility to the sunlight as well as in the fresh air is one of the factors that we consider in choosing the location that we sometimes tagged as the perfect place for our dream house. That is why there are many homeowners who hire a landscape designer in order to improve their exterior. Homeowners see to it that with proper design and orientation of his exterior layout they will have the opportunity to take the full advantage of the natural ventilation and sunlight.

Today, we will be exploring the house design of the house named as the West 21st House which is spotted in Vancouver, Canada. This has 3070 square feet single family residence with detached garage that is located on a 42 feet wide lot in the Dunbar neighborhood of Vancouver. The owner of this house is a nature lover and also has a strong desire of interior-exterior relationships that can possibly see from the outdoor patios and gardens. Let us scroll down the page and enjoy the different amazing areas of the house below.

West 21st House Absolutely this remarkable landscape obviously display a very charming and fresh ambiance.

Ultra-High Efficiency Windows Volumes and lines are highlighted in every edge of this house building surrounded by green plants.

Vancouver Canada Red sofa set arranged in the living space provides a livelier and lovelier look in the interior.

dining area Trendy and unique chandelier hanged above this dining set enhances the look of the interior.

kitchen island Extraordinary design of this chair set in this kitchen table also adds attraction on this modern kitchen.

working area Glass material used as a frame in the staircase stressed transparency and visibility concept of the house.

elegant living space Spacious and elegant living space is well-presented here that may certainly secures relaxing area in the house.

staircase Effective combination of glass and wooden materials in the staircase provides a more comfortable and elegant style of the interior.

bathroom Clean and neat bathroom is also secure in this house that will provide the best and convenient space in the house.

ceramic wood combination Ceramic tiles utilized in this bathroom jives with the wooden and glass elements applied here.

lawn design Lush green plants underline the essential part of the wonderful look of the exterior that improves the look of the house.

front view Vivid lights installed in the interior can certainly highlight the quality and excellent furniture and decors.

exterior lighting At night the LED lights may successfully provide the sense of elegance and charm in the house.

entry way Great comfort and charm is well-presented as the remarkable lights in the interior stands out in the middle of the night.

West 21st House Different types of flowers and plants found in the garden highlighted its natural beauty.

West 21st House is actually awarded for LEED for Homes Platinum Certification for the homeowner considered the sustainable requirements and advantages that they can have when invest for some sustainable designs. As we can see the aim and the request of the homeowner to have a passive solar usage was applied by Frits de Vries with ultra-high efficiency windows, solar hot water heating and a high performance heating/cooling system. This heating/cooling system includes heat recovery that may allow the home to have minimum electricity consumption. We hope that we have helped you in deciding where or what kind of location would fit your dream house.