Classic and Modern Concept of the Cat Mountain Residence

Situated in Austin, Texas USA is a residence that was designed by the Cornerstone Architects. The architect and the client collaborated on the design of this house to be able to achieve the modern concept. With all the collaborative effort of the designer and the client they were able to successfully come up with a clean and rustic style residence.

As we go and take a tour in the interior and exterior of this house we can see that at the backyard, you can see a well-designed landscape. The landscape is visibly seen from the interior with its stone accents and exposed ceiling beams. This house is called the Cat Mountain Residence and it passed through a remodeling procedure. The designer tried his best to recreate the design of it to take the full advantage of the available views on the exterior. Let us check the details of this Cat Mountain Residence through its images below.

Cat Mountain Residence

The exterior of this house may be simple but as you can see the designer used contemporary light materials on the interior and exterior.

Transitional home Concept

Various textures of rocks and stones are used in the building highlighted by its lights.

Texas home design

Curves and lines are emphasized in this image as it goes with the shape and size of the swimming pool here.

Living Area fireplace

In the living area, rough and smooth texture are seen in the wall, floors and ceilings.

Living room design

In this area, the lines and shapes seen in the sofa and carpet somewhat creates a movement that breaks the plainness of the paint used here.

Kitchen design

In the kitchen, high technological device is used with the other existing traditional furniture here.


The smooth texture of the cabinets and appliances here proves that this area is neat and clean.

Stairs lighting

As you can see, the stairs has a full touch of modern and traditional materials.

Bedroom flower wallpaper

The color gray and beige is utilized from the walls, cabinets and bed that creates a cool and peaceful ambiance.

beige Bedroom

Floral accent tiles are used in this bedroom that is best for female client.

reading area

The chandelier and the scenic view outside is one of the best attractions from this traditional bedroom.

Office room

Here is the study area where the client placed his old and new furniture.


Even this bathroom displays the combination of traditional and contemporary elements.

mosaic tiles bathroom

The smoothness of this plain white tub stands out in the middle of this accent tiles used in the floor and walls.


The pink and orange color used in this bathroom together with white furniture and fixture is effective to display a more modern idea.

swimming pool

Here is one of the most promising scenes in the exterior where you may experience serenity and calm.

outdoor fireplace

The fireplace and the bulb lights in this patio create a luxurious effect from the exterior.

Cat Mountain Residence

As a whole the bulb lights installed in the interior and exterior makes this house sparkling especially at night.

Well, the overall floor plan design focuses more on the benefits of experiencing the wonderful views it can offer. The designer enhance each and every part of the house as it opens up the exterior and other spaces to be able to create a great connection to its interior. The designer also applied its concept and vision of transitional style for the home. He used the contemporary elements and mixed it with traditional concepts. The designer also secured the sustainability in the house. Then we can say that the Cornerstone Architects was successfully used its skills in transitional concept of contemporary and traditional. There are some factors in this house where you may surely apply in your dream house in the future, right?