The Contemporary House RA in Santa Fe, Argentina

With an area of 320.0 square meters this contemporary house is situated in Santa Fe, Argentina. It is developed in a plot whose bottom coincided with the perimeter of clause of a private neighborhood beyond the limit. This house is known as House RA. It extends sown fields that allow having a broader vision of the surrounding landscape and to provide more privacy. Unintentionally, the near façade is oriented to the north part, so that the most private part would have the best orientation.

At first, the owner made a distinct importance for a wide living room. It will directly connect to the courtyard and the gallery. The homeowner demands that the bedroom and the most private part of the residence will be found in the upper level. Besides, the possibility of parking in the garage required two cars. While as a result of the dimensions and determinants of the lateral separations, it was finally decided to place the entire width of the living room area with the gallery. Now it is located toward the bottom. It is raised in the volume of the bedrooms of children in the front.

It creates a garage intern with the requested capacity of the vehicle of the clients. Well, this simple movement releases the façade on the ground floor and serves as a framework that improves the visuals in the entire project from the front to the backyard. At the same time it takes the full advantage of the better orientation. And to make these more powerful visuals influences, the entire bedroom is supported by just four joints. Now are you excited to discover more of the interior and exterior spaces of the house? Why don’t you check the images of this House RA below.

House RA Front

Let’s take a glimpse of this one of a kind residence in Argentina that made use of the plain palette and simple landscape.

House RA design

This residence seems to stand out confidently among the other neighboring house through its amazing shape and dimensions.

Contemporary House design

This area will really wow the guests of the homeowner because it shows how the combination of shapes of different sizes completed the sophistication of this house.

Argentina home design

Here is the two red velvet chairs in this area offers much opportunity for the homeowners to take a glimpse on the good-looking exterior.

glazed window design

The parallel lines and glazed walls in this area open the surprising views.

living room

The high quality furniture seated in this living room is the perfect spot to be able to see more of the attractive views outside.

exterior design

Even the sun’s rays are agitated to enter the interior of this house through the walls and windows made of glass.


Here is the unusual main entrance of the house that seems to welcome the guest to check more of the lovely features of the interior.

black brick wall

The fine looking walls and forms of this house also highlighted here where you can view the modern techniques of the designer.

Terrace design

At the second level of this house, the homeowner is capable of accessing the terrace and enjoys the cool air while witnessing the beautiful landscape below.

Exterior Night

You may notice the imitable lights used in the interior and exterior of the house that project how creative the designer is.

House RA design

When the sun begins to set the array of lights complements the white palette of the façade.

Precisely, there is a continuous floor L-shaped here, which distributes the laundry, a guest room and the master bedroom that opens onto a terrace. The project is assembled with the three simple volumes which are set by the verticality of the stairwell. It works as patella that organizes the internal functions. With the idea that you can use to maximize the visual environment, in the living room stands a terrace which can be accessed independently from the exterior. The designers completed this house this year 2012.

The use of contemporary language, pure and simple lines is complemented by the use of a single color for the siding in this house. It leaves the stones covering the specific elements that seek its features. We can strongly say that Pablo Anzliutti achieved the demands of the clients. He utilized the existing materials and spaces in the facade. Through this building we can perceive the product of the creativity, wits and techniques of the designers. We hope that once again we gave you another idea on how to design your future home someday.