Ways of Decorating Your Interior with Green Plants

If you are hesitant to bring plants inside the house, these tips will help you get it right!

Who says plants are not a good piece for decor? I do understand that plants are somewhat hard to manage or grow. We may freak out especially when you do all the caring but then after it will just die. This feels terrible but looking into the bright side of this, plants are very attractive and pleasing to the eyes. Moreover, plants are not that too expensive just like other decors that would cost you twice or thrice the price of a single plant. So if you want the idea of being close to the nature then stay with me and together will turn your interior into a green revitalized home!

It has been believed that using plants for indoor decorating would not only mean for aesthetic purposes but can go beyond with overwhelming benefits:

1. Psychological. According to studies, plants engage a dramatic effect to any surrounding thus making it more relaxing and stimulating. Additionally, it can increase our self-esteem, sense of well-being, and turn us to be more optimistic. In this case, it would reduce the level of stress, anxiety and depression.

2. Cognitive. Would you believe this? Theoretically, plants enhance your mental ability by improving your concentration and memory leading into a better goal achievement. And it boosts up your attention and awareness bringing peace and harmony among dwellers.

3. More oxygen less carbon dioxide. Through a series of tests conducted by many scientists they have strongly agreed that having indoor plants can improve the air quality. It reduces the level of carbon dioxide – the reason why we feel drowsy. Also it can greatly lessen the level of toxins that can be turned into dust. In order for us to breathe effortlessly we need more oxygen which these plants can provide.

4. Fresher indoor air. Do you know that indoor air can be more polluted than outdoor air? Yes, it’s true! But don’t be alarmed. Have more plants inside your homes! Plants are deemed to be a useful filter device. They remove chemicals through a scientific process and absorb dusty particles thus turning it into healthy oxygen for inhalation.

5. Enhance exquisiteness of your home. By placing indoor plants to your home you can stay away the plants from any unexpected harsh conditions outside. At the same time it can be an efficient piece for decoration which can soften the look of your interior spaces. In short, it can effortlessly bring life to any boring corners and areas of your home.

How to care and grow indoor plants?

This may be a critical responsibility especially for those people – that includes me – who were not luckily born with green thumb. But I guess it would not be necessary as long as we understand the fact that plants do have life just like us. They can be very easy to care for. First, of course you must place them in a nice pot that can hold the right soil for them. Second, make sure that they can get enough light. Third, water them appropriately (amount of water varies on type of plant). And lastly, watch out for pests that can destroy the leaves. That’s how simple it goes!

How to decorate your home with plants?

Decorating our home with plants can be very easy and does not need for second thoughts. Plants are very versatile that they can be placed at any corner and area or space of your home. Here are some ideas on how to incorporate plants to your interior decor:

1. Fill out empty corners.

nicolai palm tree decorating houseplants

Salt Interiors

There are certain corners in our homes that don’t just fit with a piece of furniture. In this case, you can just place a plant behind chairs. But remember to choose a larger size to fully occupy the whole space/corner. This is most useful when you have limited space thus making the room look closer and larger without being crammed full.

2. Hang it.

hanging planters green plants decoration

Bruce Fox

If you have limited space in your home that you do not want to sacrifice that left space for a pot of plant, then I think hanging it would be an alternative idea. Through this way you can utilize all the remaining spaces and at the same time it can brighten up the area. And with the right choice of plant it can even add color to complicated dappled areas. But be sure to secure it well to get rid of accidents.

3. Use it on walls.

green walls decorating houseplants

Green Fortune

If you wanted your design to be more grandiose and more composed why not try having a plantwall. This can be perfect for the any bare walls in your space or walls of your pathway. You can decide on your own about the size and shape. Choose appropriate indoor plants that would suite the condition of the environment.

4. Display as centerpiece.

nature inspired green plants decoration

Charlottesville Design House

A centerpiece is an important decor that would complete the look of all your tables inside your homes. What more if plants are used as one. For the living room, it would be ideal if you will choose blooming leafy plants that would make the room appear larger. While some blossoming flowers for the rest of the rooms that would propose a relaxing ambiance.

5. Use it as dividers.

living plants decorating houseplants

Egue & Seta

It cannot be avoided that there are specific areas in our homes that are left unused or vacant which may make us feel that something’s missing or the design is incomplete. Make use of these spaces by setting up dividers that will isolate specific space for a more intimate style. But this time it would be much better if you will be using plants. In this manner, natural privacy would be acquired.

6. Create focal point.

indoor bamboo tree green plants decoration

Toby Long Designs

Nowadays, modern designing would include trees to the interior as a focal piece. There are a lot of available indoor trees that can sustain the atmosphere inside your home. Also, choose plants that are not that sensitive and difficult to grow just like fern tree and bamboo tree. As I have said use those available vacant spaces to create a unique design. Don’t be afraid to apply any idea you have in mind.

7. Include Zen garden.

bedroom Zen garden decorating houseplants

Egue & Seta

If you really have that natural skill in gardening and you just can’t get enough with an outdoor garden, then it’s not a problem to have it for your indoor. Plan on the available space you have considering that it will not jeopardize the availability of your floor scheme and as well as the beauty of the plants. No matter where you place your Zen garden always consider the needs of the plants.

8. Decorate your hallways.

pathway garden green plants decoration

Land Studio

Since the hallways are passages that leads to the entrance or exit then it should also be decorated. Containing this area with fresh plants and blooming flowers would look very inviting for your guests. It would sound good that at the time your guest opens the main door a fresh and invigorating impression would welcome them.

9. Bring tropical sense indoor.

Asian inspired decorating houseplants

Eduarda Correa

Indoor swimming pools are incredibly becoming an option these days. The only way that you can still experience a tropical sense in this area is by adding up green plants. They are not just accents but also can boost the humidity of the area.

10. Decorate your sunroom.

solarium green plants decoration

Melissa Miranda

Ideally, a sunroom used to receive great amount of natural light because of translucent roofs and walls. Given this case, of all the rooms you have in your home it would be the sunroom that must have an enormous number of plants to be grown. You can put as many as want but make sure it would not be overcrowded or over decorated.

There are still a lot of ways on how you can include plants in your furnishing style. Just remember that it is imperative that you will select the right plants for your decor. It’s not tricky or delicate to have them inside your homes. It’s not hard! All you need to do is play with your creative skills and think of ways that can enhance your style. Go ahead! Start placing your plants as you like and later on you will know how it goes.