15 Appealing White Kitchen Designs

Choosing a color to splash your kitchen is one of the considerations that largely dictate the outcome of the whole design. In other words, It’s a make or break factor.

That’s why most home lovers spend ample time looking at the array of choices to get the best option possible. While some go for a well-coordinated color schemed design, there are also those who prefer their spaces as simple as possible yet still aesthetically beautiful.

White is an ideal design concept for kitchen lovers with modest personality, whether your taste is contemporary, urbane, or minimalist. It projects purity, cleanliness, simplicity and neutrality- an impeccable character of white is perfect to compliment a busy preparation area.

The kitchen interior in white tones exudes a bright relaxing ambience and visually expands space making a small-sized white kitchen looks bigger.

The monochrome interior makes it a good canvas also that highlights other components in the kitchen to stand out as sculptural elements and uniting the most different details in a harmonious whole.

White kitchens are elegant to look at when combined with the right amount of brightness and the perfect fixtures to match. Here are 15 appealing white kitchens that will capture your interest and satisfy your craving for a relaxing kitchen designs.

2 Moods

white kitchen designs This monochromatic schemed design can exude a more intimate mood when lights are on.

White Kitchen

glossy matte The use of glossy and matte materials in straight cuts reveals the modernity of the design. mosaic tiles Here’s another view of the kitchen from the bar side showcasing the finely done mosaic tiles.

East 90th Street

cabinet doors The shade projecting from the cuts of the cabinet doors add more beauty to the room. Simple and elegant.


stone cladding Wood veneers, stone cladding and metalized grey transform this white-toned kitchen into a masterpiece.

Floating Glass

plant wall This Scandinavian inspired white kitchen oozes out a spacious and relaxing feel. wood stain finish Here’s an overlooking view of the plant wall outside the window from the kitchen complimenting the cabinet doors in wood stain finish and the tiles at the counter.


Dark Labrador granite Dark Labrador granite, vertical satin finish handles and clean painted cabinets blended well in this modern minimalist design.


white-toned kitchen The fine quality of the stainless steel and the countertop transforms the white-toned kitchen to a bold and sexy preparation area.

Miranda Brown

white kitchen designs The bold characteristic of dark colors is an impeccable design element to compliment a relaxing beauty of white.


black line design The crisp black line design gives this kitchen an exquisite look.

Highrise Contemporay Kitchen

glossy materials Stainless and glossy materials are the dominant elements used in this modern-contemporary kitchen.


wood accent The white interior draws out the beauty of the wood accent.

Kitchen at Royal Plaza

White walls The use of light materials in this kitchen interior draws out the natural beauty of the condiments. Kitchen framed paintings White walls make a good canvas to display a variety of stuffs of different shades.

Sleek and Sophisticated

stone texture design A nice and comforting kitchen is a perfect morning greeting to jumpstart your day.


glossy brown wall The designer uses warm white light to accentuate the glossy brown wall slab and the laminated worktop.

White with Envy

white kitchen designs The radiance of the sun entering from the wide windows exudes a revitalizing sensation and an inviting feel. This accented kitchen tops it all.

You can play with different textures to diversify kitchen of white colour. You may go with something glossy and matte or smooth and rough finishes to create a more enchanting and inviting cooking space. There are several ideas that you can inject to beautify your space. Just be sure that you’re comfortable with your choices.