West Village Micro Apartment Turns into a Multi-Functional Home

  • May 30, 2017
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Many homeowners worry about space thinking that they will not be able to live comfortable in a home that is too small. But with the creativity of designers these days, we will realize that can actually live wherever we want… Read more

A 34 Square Meter Scandinavian Apartment Featuring Impressive Use of Space

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A Contemporary Small Loft Apartment in Taiwan

  • Aug 14, 2016
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A Modern Small Apartment With An Elevated Bedroom

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Creative Ideas Maximized the Living Spaces in this Small Apartment

  • Aug 11, 2016
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A 29 Square Meters Loft Apartment in Poland

  • Jul 24, 2016
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A Small Apartment for Style-Seeking Travelers in Budapest

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A Small Apartment Owned by Toy Collectors in Taiwan

  • Nov 15, 2015
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There are people who are very serious about their collections and most likely include them in their homes. We have… Read more

A Space-Saving 13 Square Meter Apartment in Poland

  • Jul 31, 2015
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