20 Engrossing Purple Sofa in the Living Room

Purple is one fascinating color to add in your space! Not only is it associated with royalty, it is also true that it makes any space look classier and sophisticated – with the right amount and with the right furniture! That is why we have created this list for you to check out and rediscover that whatever hue it is in, one purple sofa or sectional will definitely complete the look for your home, especially in the living room!

So for today, we will be presenting you with 20 Engrossing Purple Sofa in the Living Room that will practically complete your day! The living rooms that we collated for this list are all contemporary spaces that include alluring furniture and decor and way too awesome choices for the flooring or accent walls and ceilings. Check out the list below.

1. Altura Tower

purple sofa designs

A. London by Accouter

Dark and in velvet! What more can you ask for?

2. Apt Vila Nova

throw pillows

Eunice Fernandes

Hues of purple here and there; lovely throw pillow cases and an astounding area carpet – this living area sure is classy!

3. Chicago Traditional Renovation

purple sectional

Morgante Wilson Architects

That is one pretty purple sectional with an interesting accent wall on the background.

4. Concord Plan at Victoria

purple wall

Meritage Homes

If you can look further in this picture, you will notice a purple wall by the dining area, this could mean that aside from being the main color of the house, the owners might actually love this color.

5. Fulmer Grange

classy room design

The Society of British & International Design

This is one classy and sophisticated-looking living room. Do you agree?

6. Hampstead Apartment No. 1

Contemporary furnitures

Stephen Fletcher Architects

Contemporary furniture choices and it sure looks expensive but done with great taste and class!

7. House in Belsize Park

living room flooring


sporadicSPACE sure has great taste in the flooring used in this living room. It really complements with the wall and the ceiling.

8. House in Hampstead

foxy sectional furniture

Cullinan Studio

This foxy sectional sure shows off a different kind of awesome vibe.

9. London Contemporary Living Room


Rachel Laxer Interiors, Ltd.

A beguiling living room with all the right furniture and decor!

10. London Living Room

purple sofa designs


I like the cunning sky blue stand lamp that sure looks modern enough for the purple sofa.

11. Modern Home in The Middle of St. John’s

furniture set

The Uncommon Law

An enchanting furniture set that creates a wondrous vibe for this modern home in St. John’s.

12. Parker Contemporary Living Room

cozy interior design

Designer Premier

If you are not magnetized with this small and cozy premier living room, I do not know what will.

13. Quarterdecks

living room furnitures

Colin Cadle

Another alluring example of a Cleopatra in a lovely living room with an astonishing view!

14. San Diego Contemporary Living Room

high windows

Decorating Den Interiors – Susan Sutherlin

The high windows makes this space like a church or something similar – cathedral windows are really charming and special; just like the cute furniture pieces we see in this picture.

15. Scotland, Isle of Skye

cowhide carpet

Ceramiche Keope

One small living space in a Scotland home – we see a cute sofa, an accent chair, one cowhide carpet and a contemporary fireplace!

16. Statement Shade Chic

contemporary furniture

Z Gallerie

Z Gallerie offers a lot of wonderful designs of contemporary furniture! Check them out!

17. Toronto Family Room

beige area carpet

Nikka Design

I’m not sure about you guys, but this sectional is rather appealing to me especially that it was paired with a beige area fluffy carpet.

18. Townhouse in Marylbone Village

purple sectional sofa

Clifton Interiors Ltd.

Isn’t that one stunning purple sectional? Sure makes this living room more interesting and fun?

19. Washington, DC Family Room

purple furnitures

Liz Levin Interiors

If you have one small living room like this one, adding a purple sectional like this one would surely fit any light colored space!

20. Whimsical

purple sofa designs

Esther Boivin Interiors

I know I love the coffee table first and then the red wall with a fireplace, but, I’m sure that the sectional will surely be loved and adored.

If this list of 20 Engrossing Purple Sofa Living in the Room takes your breath away, I’m sure that the other spaces withpurple accents will interest you too! They are both wonderful lists that show off living rooms that are beautiful, classy and at some point, rather expensive – but we all know is worth it!